Monday, April 30, 2012

I Got Skillz....

Yesterday was the annual auction at Alex's school.  I was asked to take black and white candids of all the kids to sell at the auction, all the proceeds going to the school.  I think, for the first time displaying my black and white photos, I did a pretty good job...

 Of course the obligatory shot of one of my kids.  Jack loves anything sweet, so he devoured that cotton candy. The theme of the auction was Candy Land.  There was a magician, clown, games and pizza...all the kids loved it!

Of course, what I wore to the event.  I knew I would have to be running around, since I was also the event photographer, I opted for my favorite comfy dress and lime flats.

In the end everyone had fun and all most of the parents bought my photos of their children.  A few even inquired about my services for other events.  Besides doing all the photography, except food, for the advertising agency I work for, I am planning on officially starting a photography company as a side business.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Back in Black...

Worn to Work Friday, April 27

Pants-ZARA/Shirt-Old Navy/Shoes-Steve Madden/Belt-Target/Jewelry-F21, Jcrew, Madewell, H&M 

I recently bought this denim shirt at Old Navy.  It is a light weight, kind of silky material...perfect for the warmer weather.  I had a credit, plus it was on sale, so they actually paid me $2 for it!!  I wanted the necklace to stand out in this outfit, so I decided black pants and my new shirt and a bright tank top would be a perfect backdrop for this cool necklace.

Worn to Work Wednesday, April 25

Pants-Gap/Cardi-Old Navy/Shoes-TOMS/Jewelry-Black Sheep, F21, LOFT, DIY

 I have tried to embrace the colored pant trend, but some trends are not meant for me.  My short legs and muscular thighs to don't look very appealing swathed in the bright colors of the rainbow.  I am going to stick to my black pants...thank you...I might sneak in some dark olive, or tan bottoms, but the bright colors, are going to stay off of my pants.  I do love a bright colored cobalt  blue one is my favorite...also, I fancy a bright colored sandal.  But, something about my whole leg, sicking out in a bright color, makes me shiver...
I will stop rambling now... Back to work...

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Packaging...Same Great Flavor!

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you due to lack of sleep or lack of caffeine... The look of my blog is all pretty, shiny and new!!  All the credit for spiffing up my little corner of the internet goes to Jessica at diamond doll designs.  From start to finish, Jessica has been wonderful to work with and had tons of patience working with a non-HTML savvy old lady like me. I am madly in love with the new look!

Skirt-Old Navy/Shirt-Zara/Sweater-Jcrew/Necklace-In God We Trust/Jewlery-H&M, Target, DIY

I wore this outfit to work yesterday.  Cardi, skirt, skirt...easy to style with little sleep all doped up on allergy meds.  Jack was up coughing all night and proceeded to spit up his sticky, grape smelling cough medicine all over me...twice.  When I had finally fallen back asleep, Alex got up screaming...he has this fear that rabid bunnies are going to come into his room through the he is crying, all I can think about is the crazy rabbit from Donnie Darko...ha!! After getting up three more time to make sure there were no evil bunnies hiding in the corners of his room...I tried to go back to sleep...but at 5am with a snoring/coughing husband in bed...any attempts at sleep were futile.  Pile that on top of the fact that my allergies are absolutely horrible...I was a complete mess all day.

Monday, April 23, 2012

So We Meet Again, My Dear Friend...

I think the weekend of naps, wine, homemade sweets and girl talk was just what  I needed to get me over the hump to the end of the school year and part time summer fun begins...

Worn to work Monday, April 23...almost

Skirt/Blazer-Semantics Nordstrom's/Shoes-Steve Madden/Jewelry-Francesca's, F21, DIY

I was not sure what kid of footwear to pair with this skirt today.  In the colder weather, I usually wear it with tights and the summer with wedges sandals.  But today was about 45 degrees, so I decided upon bare legs with flat brogues...

Worn to work Friday, April 20

Jeans-Level 99/Sweatshirt-Gap/Shoes-Bass/Jewelry, DIY, Target

Love this sweatshirt... I had been eyeing it at the Gap a few weeks ago.  Then, I almost bought it online with a coupon code, but it would have still been about $35 and I just was not up for paying that much for a light weight sweatshirt.  Last week I stopped into Gap, hoping it would be on sale... There is was, in a rainbow of colors...on sale, plus and additional 30% off...ending up $17.  For that price, I bought two...the other one is a bright melon shade.

I thought I would share a project I have been working on the last few days... black and white candid shots of all the kids at Alex's school.  They are planning to blow them up and mat them to sell at the school auction.  Closeup candid shots of kids...not easy!

I used Alex as my guinea pig...pretty cute!!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Imaginary Friends...

Worn to Work Thursday, April 19

Back to casual mode again...I might just start to feel comfortable with that!

Pants-Gap/Top-LOFT/Shoes-Naturalizer/Jewelry-LOFT, F21, Accents Plus, H&M

Worn to Work Wednesday, April 18

Pants-Zara/Sweater-Nordstroms/Shoes-Report/Jewelry-Falling Whistles, H&M, Black Sheep, Nana

My new casual uniform...skinny pants/ my Zara pants with zippers...layers on top...tank, cardigan or t-shirt....flats, preferably colorful of sparkly, heels if I am feeling adventurous. Unless I have a meeting at work, I have a feeling this mish-mash of items is going to stick close to me until the weather gets too warm for pants!

I really wanted to thank everyone for their words of support on my employment changes, wardrobe issues and general unrest,  I appreciate the encouragement and it means a lot to me that others out there in the blogosphere understand... It is amazing how much comfort I can get from a bunch of people I never met, but feel incredibly close to.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pop Goes The Bubble...

Worn to Work Tuesday, April17

 Dress-LOFT/Shoes-Missoni for Target/Blazer-Gap/Jewelry-BaubleBar Francesca's

 Worn to Work Monday, April 16

 Dress-Target/Booties-Steve Madden via Gilt/belt-Urban Outfitters/Jewelry-F21, Madewell, H&M, DIY

We got a new client at work yesterday...I am going back to working part time again... Logistically, I am not sure how those two really happen at the same time...  I am kind of having a hard time dealing this for two reasons... First, not working makes me feel like a failure. I know it is unrealistic, but I feel like I should be working...  Second, I know this is very vain and materialistic of me, but I am not sure of how to dress casual for the summer heat.  I like wearing skirt and dresses and sitting in an air conditioned office all day...I am not quite sure how to style up shorts for the summer and be comfortable...
The most important thing about only working part time is I get to spend more time with the boys.  Instead of getting home at 7:30, I will be picking them up from camp and getting quality play time!
The whole thing is just a big change...and me, not being the president of the change is good fan club, is having a hard time adjusting.  I thought we had everything sorted out with the babysitters, school things, job security, even wardrobe confidences but now, everything is up in the air again causing me uneasiness...

ok...back to work...

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Least Complicated...

My motto for this Monday...

Too many little boys sleeping in my bed because of the storm makes for a tired Monday!

So, because I had a meeting with my Milwaukee client Friday, I had to take a break in my silent protest of work changes and dress up.  I decided on colorful corporate...

Skirt, cardigan-Target/Shoes-Lori's/Jewelry-H&M, DIY, stole earrings from mom

Weekend update...Pretty good weekend in my little corner of Illinois.  Saturday, the boys went with Papa to Northwestern Football spring practice.  They had so much fun...going on the the field to meet the players and toss the football around.  Since I had some time to myself, I decided to get a massage (I had money left on a gift card from last mother's day), have lunch with mom (great vege burger and sweet potato fries) and shopping at the craft store (currently making tons of new bracelets).  On Sunday, after a nice nap and trip to Target, the boys and I went to my friend house.  Her fish just had babies she wanted to give away, so the boys each got to pick out two new fish for Jack's aquarium...they were very excited!! Of course, I wore my new jeans all them, and I am beginning to get used to casual meaning pants and jeans...  It was a pretty low key weekend...just what we needed since the hubs had the flu and I was wiped out from the week.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brain Spillage...

Things I am thinking this Thursday...

I was told by a long time friend that there is a fine line between hot mom and hot mess...and I tend to comfortably straddle that was supposed to be a compliment, so I will take it (see today's outfit)

Unless I have a meeting, I plan on styling myself casual for work for the near future...why??  My own personal silent protest to the recent changes to my employment schedule.

Spent too much time last night doing some DIY...notice the bracelet I am wearing today...there is more where that came from...

I am counting the minutes until next Wednesday at 8:00pm...Revenge is back!!

Sweater-H&M/Blazer-Gap/Shoes-Sperry via Lori's/Jeans-Level 99/Jewelry-LOFT, F21, DIY

Love me some silver boat shoes...that's all!!