Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No means NO!!

Things I have learned in the past week...

-I am just not as strong as my brain wants me to be

-Taking care of my kids alone was not something I was ready for

-Seeing all my partially headed incisions opened up again traumatized me

-Pain killers give you really bizarro nightmares

-A person can sweat through two sets of pajamas and a set of sheets in one night

-Strep makes recovering from surgery that much harder

-Going to work when you don't feel well is not very smart

-I love my boys, but they are little wild beasts...ahhhhh...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

No One Wants To Sleep In My Bed...Thank You...

Worn Wednesday, March 22

Leggings, Shirt-Old Navy/Sweater-Gap/Boots-OTBT/Scarf-mom's closet

Comfy and non restricting....that is going to be the theme of outfit posts for the nest week or two.... This sweater is my favorite cardigan...soft, warm, not too bulky and it has pockets!  I bought is in New York, so it also carries memories...
I went to the doctor today...Hallelujah...he took the drain out.  I swear that is one of the most uncomfortable and annoying parts of the healing.  The doctor said the bruising and the stitches are beginning to heal, but everything is going to be sore and swollen for a few weeks still.  I am keeping my fingers crossed infections!!
Going home from my mom's house and the boys have been staying there since I cannot drive or run around a lot yet.  She has been so amazing taking care of me and the kids through all these surgeries, I could never have done it without her.  Time to go home and get back to the routine...slowly.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Back Amongst The Living...Painfully

The weekend went as planned.  After the surgery on Friday, I spent the next two days numbed by pain killers, watching basketball, old shows On Demand, finished two books and took multiple naps. 
Now that it is Monday, I am still very sore and slightly tired, but still here in one piece.

By the nail polish and necklace from last Thursday were never meant to match.  I painted my nails the night before....I also had on a different necklace when I left the house that morning.  My mom bought me that necklace and I decided to change into it after I picked up Alex at school.  I did not even realized it matched until you guys told me about it...I am a big dork!!

Thanks for all your well wishes....they mean a lot to me.

Time for another nap...I have been up for four left side is starting to throbb again!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Years Keep Rolling By...

Worn to Work Thursday, March 17

Stop staring at the hole in my tights...I know you cannot draw your eyes away from them... This hole annoyed me all day.  The first time a wear a fishnet-y type tights and I rip a hole in them by 11am...that is just so me...The hole was mocking me all day...

 Like my new nail polish...OPI Turquoise and the color

Skirt, Blazer, Tank-Old Navy/Tights, Boots-ATL/Necklace-Francesca's

Today is my big boy Jack's Birthday!  I cannot believe he is 5  As they were starting his party at school today...cake, balloons, everything...Jack proceeded to lay down on the floor and throw up...happy birthday my sick man!  I feel so bad for him, everybody is having cake and celebrating and Nanny Granny had to come pick him up and take him home...
This was at Jack's birthday party last Sunday.  This is the yummy cake I have been all week!

Today will be the last outfit post for a week or two.  I am having surgery tomorrow and I am kinda freaking out!  The first surgery back in August was 14 hours and very invasive, but since I had so idea what to expect afterwords, I was not really that nervous about it.  But now that I know what to expect... how hard the recovery is and all the infection risks and bandage changes, I am panicking.  The scars from the earlier three surgeries are almost healed and new they will be open again with new ones.  Even though this surgery is an elective cosmetic followup to the others, it is still necessary since I will have this body for the rest of my life and I need to be happy with the final results since I started this long process for the right reasons.
I just want it all to be over...This weekend I plan to watch basketball between naps and pain lots of blogs and try to start healing...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Wednesday...Again...

Seeing that today is Wednesday, I am nominating it to be a So What Wednesday.  Shannon Dew of
Life After I "Dew" takes her Wednesdays to let it all out...Sounds good to me!
So what if...
-I just ate three pieces of birthday cake... I guess you are what you eat
-I want more cake
-I not quite ready to go back to work full time... but I am doing it anyways
-I still need to take the clothes out of the washing machine that I put in there on Monday..I was hoping   they would walk to the dryer such luck
-I am giving myself a headache panicking about Friday's surgery...I am slightly freaking out!
-I want more cake...again...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Waist Not...Want Not...

Worn to Work Monday, March 14

Dress-Tucker for Target/Jacket-Old Navy/Shoes-OTBT -via Lori's/Jewelry- JCrew,NY street vender, Target

Let me start by saying I love this outfit...very comfy.  When I was about to leave this morning, I asked my husband if he liked my outfit...he shrugged his shoulders, scrunched up his nose and said it was not his favorite.  Translated into "Brian Speak", which I am fluent in, that is i don't like it, it's not very flattering.  I was offended for a fleeting moment, but then it passed.  I don't dress for him, I dress for myself.  The whole discussion made me think of a post by Jessica from What I Wore pertaining to dressing not always for what is most flattering...

   "So instead of posting just “flattering” photos, I’m just posting what this outfit looks like.  And while I do believe that wearing clothing to accentuate and highlight your assets is a great method to getting dressed, I still think there’s a place to just wear things that don’t make you look thinner than you are once and a while, even if you are a fashion blogger. "

I might not be a "fashion blogger" per say, but this is the way I feel about today's outfit.  I usually try to dress to accentuate my waist and toned legs...things that are fitted, not baggy and take photos that are complimentary to me and my outfit. Today's dress is empire waist and that does not really flatter my waist.  It is slightly loose and the jacket not as fitted as I usually wear. Plus, I love wearing my brogues...they remind me of when I was little and I wore them all the time.  With skirts it is not the most flattering shoe, no heel to make the leg look longer...but I love them...and this I wore it today in all my glory.  As I always blog is real...about me!!

I ordered the Other Tucker for Target dress from the GO International Collection that just dropped and I cannot wait for it to arrive...I love those Tucker dresses...cannot you tell!

Thanks to Jessica Quirk of What I Wore for the quote.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bright Lights...Big City...Day 2

Day 2

I knew we would be doing a lot of walking on Saturday, so I wore one of my favorite flowey Target dresses, belted, with tights and boots, per usual.  My mom lent me her lacy scarf to top off my outfit!!

We started our day in Chelsea starting with the Chelsea Market.  Wow, so much amazing food!  I am not really a foodie, but I really so respect the process.  There were fancy bakeries with delicious cookies and cupcakes, a gourmet grocery market, so many organic and locally grown food options...
Plus, being the big Food Network groupie that I am, it was cool to be in the home of their test kitchen and studios and to stroll around the market that Bobby Flay always talks about.

After walking around Chelsea,  we decided to head over to Washington was a longer walk that we anticipated.  I love to sit and people watch and this was a great place to do it.  Musicians, tourists, teenagers, suits on their way home form work, artists...Such an eclectic mix of humanity.

Besides the quesadillas from Tribeca Taco Truck, my other favorite food is fresh cut Belgium Fries from Pomme Frites.   These amazing fries come in a giant cone with a choice of 40 different dipping sauces...I chose cheddar cheese, mexican ketchup and a pesto cream.  I would have taken a photo of the fries, but I snarfed all the delicious potatoes down the minute I sat down at the table.  Pomme Frites is is this little store front with 2 tables and a counter in the back and there is always a line out the door!
After all that walking and eating, we were exhausted.  After a little nap, I got a manicure and pedicure from a really neat spa down the street from the hotel...I love a good massage chair!
Then, since we were still tired with sore feet, we grabbed a few slices of pizza, ate them in bed, and went to sleep early...Sunday we planed to get an early start at the Museum of Modern Art.

Stay tuned for day 3...full of art

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Halves Do Not Make a Hole...or a Dot!

I went to bed last night planning to style my polka dotted skirt for Everybody, Everywhere.  But, this morning, when time to actually get dressed, I was at a total loss of how to style the skirt.  The outfit I had pictured in my head looked really strange when I actually put it on.  After trying multiple tops with the skirt, I decided to move on to my polka dotted tank top...that was a epic fail also.  The top just seemed to scream look at all these dots smattered all over my big boobs..ahhhh!!
So, I decided to go back to what is familiar, comfy and makes my body smile...a dress, cardi and tights...but I decided to try to funk it up a bit and wear my new oxfords and face earrings.  

 I think the outfit worked...not that exciting...but it works for a day of school drop off, work, doctors appointment and back home again.  I really love these new Bass oxfords I bought in New York.  I had a brown pair just like these all through grammar school and I wore them till they literally fell apart! Wearing these make me feel like a silly kid prepared to see them a lot in the future on this blog!

Worn to Work Tuesday, March 8
I was much too tired for anything exciting today.  Why is it that when you get back from a vacation, you need another vacation to get over the first one!!! Just my go to black sheath dress today with a funky blazer and face necklace...came as a matching pair with the earrings from above, but I hate wearing a full set together, I like to break them up with other accessories.

Stay tuned for a day 2 NY recap!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back and Better Than Ever...

So, I am back form New York refreshed and full.  Here is a little recap of my favorites for you...
Please pardon some of the blurry photos, but I am just learning to use my new camera, plus my mom took some of the photos of me...
 Shortly after we arrived in New York Friday, we went shopping in SOHO.  When I travel, I usually wear dresses or skirts...more comfy than pants for sitting on a plane and doing a lot of walking.  Just bought this dress from Target...cannot wait to wear it with sandals in the summer!
First thing we has to find my favorite food truck...Tribeca Taco Truck.  I had to have the amazing quesadillas with crema and some very hot salsa! mmmmmm...!!

My goal for the day was to find a new bag.  On the way to the airport, the straps on my green purse snapped...I guess that is what I get  for carrying EVERYTHING around with me.  So, I was on the hunt for something that I that could carry my wallet, makeup case, a book, water, snacks and my camera...

Then I stumbled upon this table with some amazing leather items.  Luscious Leather NYC...everything was so amazing...The wonderful lady that helped me hand makes everything.  Once I picked out a bag, she customized that strap for me.  She will even custom make a bag to your specifications.  She was so amazing and friendly, I could have stood there and talked to her all day.  

We were so exhausted after being on the move since 6AM, we just went to Carnegie Deli for dinner and made it an early night.  
Stay tuned for a recap of day 2...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Please Don't Ask Me To Wipe Your Nose...

Worn to Work Thursday, February 3
# 23 of 30

This floral top is one of my replacement items of my 30.  I bought it at Target before the 30 x 30 started and then forgot all about it.  When I stumbled on it on the floor, i could not wait to style it.  It is a bit longer than I remembered, so I opted to belt it.  One thing that drew me to this shirt is the fun floral print...I just discovered today it also has birds on it...and the zipper down the back...I love zippers.
There was a #22 worn yesterday, but I just never got around to taking photos.  The boys were not feeling very well and we had a ton of errands to run, so pictures were never taken...but I promise I did wear clothes!  I had on jeans, blue button up shirt and my shaggy knit blue and white sweater vest.

This time tomorrow I will be in New York City.  Every other year, my mom and I take a vacation together.  Last time it was Vegas...this year New York...I am so excited.  I know I was just there a few weeks ago, but this time it is more of a relaxing vacation.  We plan to go shopping, to the Museum of Modern Art, eat lots of yummy food and maybe take in a show. I love traveling with her, besides being my mom and nanny, she is one of my best friends.  It will be so nice to spend some time with her where no one is whining about more juice, runny noses, snacks or sharing cars.  I do plan to bring some of my 30 items on my trip, but they will not be the only things I wear...
Another bit of exciting news...I got a new camera!! A Nikon 3100 DSLR!!! I just picked it up last night, so I am really not sure how all the bells and whistles work yet...but I cannot wait to find out.  I plan to experiment with it in New York this weekend...I will be sure to show you all my photos when I get back!! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do You Think of Me When You Sleep...

Worn to Work Tuesday, March 1

#21 of 30

Today is the first time since before I had Jack, who turns 5 soon, that I have worn dress pants.  No, I am not kidding, I have been boycotting dress pants, only wearing dresses and skirts to work for the last few years.  I have never really been happy with the way pants fit my post-baby hips and thighs are a smaller size that my stomach so pants always fit wanky!  But, since working out regularly, the body changes from the surgery and the new self confidence that I have developed this last year, I decided to give dress pants another shot at being my friend.  Since a sweater and pants is pretty basic, I added the red-ish necklace and a sequin cuff for some fun!
In 30 for 30 news...While perusing my closet last night I realized that there are 4 pieces of my 30 that I have not worn yet.  So, I am exchanging 4 items for those 4 items... Today's dress pants are in exchange for the black denim skirt, a floral shirt I plan to debut on Thursday are an exchange for the black t-neck sweater.  There are so many things in my closet I feel like I have been neglecting and I cannot wait to wear!

Trendy Tot Tuesday...Alex Style

Today is Tuesday...Trendy Tot Tuesday.  The mom's from around the blogosphere, led by the wonderful Kim and her adorable S of Fashion Momma and Andrea of Peanut Butter Hand Print, show their little people's style.  Alex just loves to have has picture taken.  When we were at the DMV, he cried when the man wouldn't take his picture too...his would have probably turned out much better than mine did!  I took Alex's photo today in front of his cubby at school.

Alex likes to pick out his own clothes.  He chose this shirt today because "Jack has a colorful one too"... He always wants to dress like his brother.  Then he insisted on jeans, "no soft pants"...that is what the boys call jogging or warm-up type pants.  
I think my baby boy has great style!

My outfit post to come soon...stay tuned!