Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where The Day Takes You...

You know how when you get bad are just numb, in shock.  The information does not really comprehend, sink in right away.  You go about your day with it just floating over your head...then it hits a ton of bricks being dropped on your already heavy head...the reality of the situation. Hopefully when the news sinks in, it does not hit you suddenly with a giant wave of tears and not so silent sobs in the middle of the Whole Foods salad bar.  No one stares as you pay for your lunch, face all red and puffy,  and hurry to the car to cry in peace...

All this...before 11am...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Off We Go...

Time for a trip...

At Alex's school, the culmination of the unit on Isreal, was a faux trip to Isreal.  The kids brought their suitcases, made passports and plane tickets and boarded a room all made up like an plane...with seat assignments, in-flight snacks and flight attendants.  Then we embarked into a room decked out with stations of different areas and locations in Isreal.

Planting a tree for Tu'Bish Vat.  We got to bring the tree home.  Alex wants to plant it in the back yard this weekend!

Alex taking care of the patient at Hadassah Hospital.  He gave me a shot!

Ringing up groceries at the Shouk Market

Playing at the beach in Elat

Alex and I had so much fun on our "trip" to Isreal!  It was the closest thing I will get to a vacation any time soon.

On the fashion front... what  I wore for a wet and muddy Monday

Jeans-Wit and Wisdom/Shirt-Gap/Boots-Bogs/Jewelry-F21, H&M, Lori's

My rubber boots are slightly loud...but I love them...such a fun color and they keep my feet dry...they go so well with the purple and blue horses and my shirt!!

Today I am linking up with the lovely ladies over at The Monday Mingle...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trying To Find Focus...

Back to the world of the living...

Jeans-Whit & Wisdom/Sweater-Gap/Jewelry-Presence, The Limited, Nordstrom's

This outfit is the most put together I have felt in a long time... Makeup, jewelry and a fitted baggy layers and heavy sweaters... I had been stalking this sweater since it first appeared at the me a good bow.  Still full price on line, I almost bought it a few weeks ago with a coupon code.  After I waited, I couldn't find it in the color and size in store anywhere.  Last week I went into a Gap on a whim...there it was...on SALE, so I scooped it up.  When I went to pay, the sweater rang up an extra 40% off...good thing I waited!  

Back to layers and sloppy lepoard

  Sweater-t/o/Jeans-Wit &Wisdom/Shoes-OTBT/Shirt-LOFT/Jewelry-H&M, Akira, Black Sheep, Aldo

My little corner of the world...the only thing keeping me sane right now...

Monday, January 21, 2013

And Then There Were None...

I know I am in a rut (deadly flu, no job or prospects, wild boys) when...

-The only people I have had a conversation with in 4 days are a 4 and 6 year old.

-I just took my gym clothes out of the dirty laundry...and never made it to the gym

-Pajamas to yoga pants is a big step

-I bought a casual coat, since I have no reason to ever dress up.

-Said coat is long and puffy...hiding a multitude of sins

-I dug the leggings out of the closet

-I am just way too excited about discovering a new burrito joint in the neighborhood...happiest I have  been all week

-I am yearning to have a meeting to go to or a document to proofread

Onward and upward!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Of Epidemic Proportions...

The only time I got dressed...for more than an far this week...

I did get dressed Tuesday night...just long enough to run to the Apple store to have my laptop salvaged.  My Mac Book had been dropped one too many times and the battery refused to hold a charge and I was sick of being tethered to an electrical outlet.  A new battery and a Snow Leopard later, we are back in business!

This week has just been a blur of fevers, chills, sleepwalking, night terror filled, whiny germ infested children lounging on the couch too sick for school...and that was just the first two days...the last two days, the rugrats passed the sickies to me.  So, now I am the one laying on the couch, sweating, drinking tea and only moving to play chauffeur for the boys school.  I have been that mom that wears her pj's to school drop off...good thing I don't have to actually get out of the car.

On the why do I always have a headache front....
I had a sinus and head CT...nothing...they found nothing!  My sinuses are clear and no hemorrhage on the brain.  So, good thing that did not find anything bad, but the fact they have still found nothing worries me.  I have been cutting out the refined sugars and watching what I eat, and my head is still banging...  I made an appointment with the neurologist, maybe he can help (of course I cannot get in until mid February)

I promise to get back to actually getting dressed and posting regularly...I already miss having a reason to throw on tights and a skirt...hanging out with adults and going to meetings!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Boy Made Me Do It...

Week 1 of stay-at-home mom complete...quite the misnomer since we were never actually home!!

It was nice to get the boys back into a routine with school and activities and begin to figure out how my days will be spent.  I was pretty sure if school did not start soon, the boys might have killed each other...over vacation they were fighting over everything...down to the last lego!

I have been opting for the stylish comfort look when getting dressed this is all about the jeans and layers, with a bit of a preppy vibe!

 Jeans-Whit and Wisdom/Shirt-Madewell/Jewelry-Black Sheep, F21

 Sweater, shirt-Old Navy/Jeans-White and Wisdom/Shoes-OTBT via Lori's/Jewelry-Black Sheep, F21

Jeans-Target/Sweater-Gap/Shirt-Loft/Jewelry-Jeweliq, House of Gemmes

Getting used to this new casual lifestyle is going to take a bit of getting used to.  I love being able to have lunch with Alex...getting to do homework with Jack everyday and see his progress...even having time to do laundry before 10pm... But, when the boys are at school, I am feeling a bit lost and lonely.  Since Alex's school is not near our house, I cannot go home while he is there.  Besides doing some work from a Starbucks, I am still searching for fulfillment...well, there is always next week!

I must be off...I am going to go have my head examined...literally...time for a CAT scan to see what is the deal with these headaches!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lutz Loving Lately...

Things I am enjoying the crap out of lately...

Since losing my job, I have felt displaced... I need a corner I can relax in...decorate...craft...keep my papers and such and do work...when I hopefully get some more.

Items of note in my "office"

-The decorated cork squares...I attempted to exercise my crafting muscles.  Each has a theme, including Doctor Who and my amazing family

-My multiple Apple electronics...I am not sure I could live without my Mac Book, ipad and iphone

-Behind the faux attempt at organization of my crafting materials

-Mugs...the one holding all the pens, Jack at 6 months, Tardis mug...usually full of coffee

Small earrings...quick way to dress up jeans and a t-shirt...perfect compliment to a statement necklace

I can carry everything and still look fashionable.  Since right now, I currently drag around a wallet, ipad, iphone, makeup case, multiple cars, legos, Star Wars action figures, bottle of water and a multitude of snacks, I need a big bag, with structure an ability to be carried cross body while dealing with boys and their dirty hands.  This H&M bag is perfection...

The best thing to come out of this "stay at home" mom thing... I get to spend more time with these cute faces...I call that a win!!

Friday, January 4, 2013


I am mom...hear me casual clothes...

Jeans-Wit and Wisdom/Shirt-Old Navy/Sweatshirt-Gap/Shoes-Bass

To mske this outfit a bit more than jeans and a sweatshirt, so I layered an oxford.  I love the juxtaposition of the sparkly sweatshirt against the classic blue oxford and and lace up Bass saddle shoes.  

Jeans-Hot Mama/Sweater-Target/Shoes-DSW/Scarf-F21/Jewelry-Akira, F21

Just jeans and a sweater for a painfully long Friday.  I threw on this cozy scarf about half way threw the a cozy blanket!
Last night I got a migraine...the worst one in years...I was not sure I was going to make it through the night...but obviously I did.  Woke up this morning feeling like I went on a bender with a bottle of Jack Daniels, but with out all the fun...chills, nausea, dull throbbing headache...  The feeling of crap on a stick made for a long day with the boys. 

The weekend is finally in sight...