Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does this Wound Vac Match My Eyes

So, I had the second surgery on Friday, and they put a sponge in the wound in my stomach attached to tubing that comes out my side and attaches to a little machine that I have to carry around...what a freaking pain. TO ad insult to injury, the machine makes a sucking and gurgling noise...here comes the freak walking down the street!

Skirt-Old Navy
Tank Top-Old Navy
Sweater-Banana Republic
Boots-Old Navy
bag/wound vac-c/o highland Park Hospital

My camera is being temperamental, so I had to take the outfit pics with my iphone...not the greatest quality. I was not prepared for the temperatures to drop here, so I only have sandals here at my mom's house. I just picked up these boots at Old Navy last week, and I have been wearing them ever since..love them. I do love this nice fall weather we are having...I cannot wait until the swelling in my abdomen goes down so I can wear skinny jeans with boots, layered tops and sweaters....I dare to dream. Now that I am up and be active everyday, I am going to try to take outfit pics. Hopefully I can coax my camera out of its depression soon so I wont have to take pics with my iphone.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alive and Kicking...

Hello all-
Yes, I am still here. It was been a while since I have posted, but things have been crazy. I finally installed wireless in my parents house, so now I can use my computer.
My stomach incision infection has gotten no better, so Friday I am having surgery to clean it out and have some sort of sponge put in....fun. Then in a few weeks when the infection is hopefully gone (fingers crossed), I will have another surgery to close the stomach back up.
I never thought I would crave normalcy, but boy do I. I miss the days of getting the kids ready in the morning for the long drive to Evanston...dropping Jack at school and going to the gym for a hard workout....even going to work. I sooo miss working out, never thought I would...I crave a great sweaty 30 minutes on the bike and 60 minutes of weight with my trainer...I miss you Sarah.
Not outfit pictures for a while. I am not sure where the cord for my camera is. Plus, I don't really think anyone would want to see pictures of me lately...I can only wear leggings since my stomach is swollen, and I am too weak to fully straighten my hair, so I look real pretty!
Fashion-wise I have started getting ready for fall. I cannot wait to wear boots, tight sweaters, blazers...I will be happy if the weather just got cold enough so I would stop sweating. I bought my first real fall purchase yesterday...brown brogues. I cannot wait to wear them with a pair of skinny jeans!! Fall weather cannot come soon enough.
I will keep you guys posted on the great stomach infection of 2010!!
oh....I love my new boobs!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello...I am complicated

Sorry I have been radio silent for a while, but things here in recovery land are complicated. First, I am spending most of my time at my mom's place and the wifi in her building is funky, so I have not been able to post. Second, I am having some post-surgery complications, that are messy and painful, noting like a gaping hole in one's abdomen to keep them from blogging. Third, by boys must have forgotten how to behave, because they have been monsters lately, thank god school starts next week. Finally, my grandmother is sick and all that goes along with that is just so upsetting.
On the plus side...there has to be one...I like the way my boobs are looking...still swollen, but smaller and perkier!!
Hope all of you are well and enjoying the start of fashion week. Hope to be up and posting more soon!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Still Here....

Wow, it has already been a week since my surgery. With only a few minor complications, I came through with flying colors. I think the recovery and rehab are going to be the hardest. I will keep everyone updated on my progress back to the land of the fashionable me.
Thanks for all your get well wishes.