Thursday, April 19, 2012

Imaginary Friends...

Worn to Work Thursday, April 19

Back to casual mode again...I might just start to feel comfortable with that!

Pants-Gap/Top-LOFT/Shoes-Naturalizer/Jewelry-LOFT, F21, Accents Plus, H&M

Worn to Work Wednesday, April 18

Pants-Zara/Sweater-Nordstroms/Shoes-Report/Jewelry-Falling Whistles, H&M, Black Sheep, Nana

My new casual uniform...skinny pants/ my Zara pants with zippers...layers on top...tank, cardigan or t-shirt....flats, preferably colorful of sparkly, heels if I am feeling adventurous. Unless I have a meeting at work, I have a feeling this mish-mash of items is going to stick close to me until the weather gets too warm for pants!

I really wanted to thank everyone for their words of support on my employment changes, wardrobe issues and general unrest,  I appreciate the encouragement and it means a lot to me that others out there in the blogosphere understand... It is amazing how much comfort I can get from a bunch of people I never met, but feel incredibly close to.


Anne said...

I like how the ring coordinates with your shoes in the first outfit!

I've just been shopping cropped pants online in hopes that I can create similar casual work outfits this spring and summer. Dresses and skirts are still my favorite, but sometimes it's just so easy to throw on comfy, casual pants.

Melissa said...

It's amazing how blogging works like that. :)

I really love that first outfit, the top is fantastic!

Rebecca said...

I really like your casual outfits. That lace top is very cute.

Callie said...

The blogosphere is such a great support system. You meet so many amazing and support people. I hope everything alright!

Both adorable outfits! I love the little pops of color in the first one. Accessories are great for that. And those boots in the second outfit are absolutely wonderful!


Camelia said...

Those purple shoes are killer. So cool. And I love that whistle, I have one too! Lovely colors :)


Natasha said...

Those first shoes are so cute (ok the 2nd pair is too!)...but I'm just loving pointy toed flats a lot right now!

Natasha ~

Ashley said...

Both pairs of pants in this post are amazing. They look so comfy. And it looks so sunny and beautiful there, too. And you do accessories SO well. Okay, I'm done.

Sorry to hear about your work issues. I'm glad you're feeling better about it now, though. I swear, work issues are THE worst, partially because you have to deal with them every single day. Yuck. Stay strong!

Shea said...

I totally know what you mean! I was astounded with all the support and encouragement I got when I told everyone I was leaving teaching. I don't know what I'd do without all my bloggy friends! I love your new work "uniform"--I think you still look professional, but in a young, fun way!