Friday, September 28, 2012

Never Too Old To Learn...

Lessons learned during a busy Thursday...

-Even if you are going only 20 mph, if you hit the curb at a certain angle, you can get a flat tire.

-When you call AAA to fix said tire and they tell you they will be there in an hour...don't call your husband frantically to cover school pick up for you...

-Do not make that call because AAA will arrive in 15 minutes, put on the spare, and you will have to call the husband back because you have just enough time to run to school and pick up the long as you speed and get all green lights...

-When you take two little boys to the tire place to get a new tire, people will stare at the circus that you the boys proceed to take out their little green army men an re-enact a battle from Star Wars for all the other tire store patrons...

-Said patrons will stare for two reasons...1. they feel sorry for you and annoyed because of the chain gang that follows you...those people don't have kids.  2. they are sympathetic and know where you are coming from and smile at you when you handle the mess gracefully...those people have kids!

-When you go to the gym later that evening to blow off steam, burn calories and have "me" time, don't ignore that pain in your hamstring that you feel at mile will regret it in the morning when you try to get out of bed and can barely stand...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Variations On A Theme...

Worn to work Monday, September 24

Dress-Target/Booties-Steve Madden/Jewelry-F21, Fox's, Nordstrom's Rack/Belt-Urban Outfitters

My favorite Target dress!! You have seen this dress many times on the blog and I am sure you will keep seeing it for years to come.  It is essentially a a size to big rayon sac...but it looks pretty good belted up!!  Today I styled it up simply with a fun chunky belt buckle and my favorite booties!!  I am just so excited to be wearing booties...ahhhh fall is here!!

So, I did get around to organizing my closet last weekend.  3 hours and 3 bags filled for Goodwill...I can finally see the floor again.  It was so much easier to get dressed this morning when I could see all my options.  The only thing left to do is take the giant pile of clothes, now on the floor in the hall, to the cleaners.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Please Turn Down The A/C...

I am just beyond excited to be wearing boots and a sweater today...fall weather might actually be here!!

Sweater-Limited/Skirt-Target/Booties-DSW/Jewelry-H&M, Nordstrom's Rack/Bag-London Fog

Is chilly sweating on the walk from house to the car...the bedroom was cool enough to sleep with the covers on...the boys actually wanted to wear pants to school!!!

I am going to take this change in temperature as a sign to clean out my closet and pull out the boots and sweaters.  I really should tackle my closet of the shelves fell down last weekend, dumping tons of t-shirts and tank tops onto the floor...I currently cannot even see the closet floor and am getting tired of having to step on everything to get to the hanging stuff. I am actually looking forward to spending some time organizing my pants and skirts and putting together a giant pile of stuff that needs to visit the dry cleaners before it can get worn again.  I love pulling out the seasonal stuff that I have not worn in 6 is like seeing an old friend...all I can think about is how I am going to style it and where I am going to wear it.

Of course, It might just be 90 degrees again soon and I will be my kicking sweaty self for putting away the shorts  and sandals...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Last of The Time Lords...

Worn to work Wednesday, September 19

Skirt-Old Navy/Cardigan-Target/Shoes-OTBT/Jewelry-H&M, Madewell, Nana

Notice the stripe in my, it is not a blond is grey...I am just getting old and it is starting to show!
My mom bought me this cardigan recently...she said it was very "me"...I have to agree!!  I just bought this necklace at H& favorite place for reasonable jewelry...but was at a loss for how to style it.  It's not long enough to be a "faux" collar on a I styled it like any other short necklace.  I like the way it turned out. 
I find this outfit to be very "me"!

Worn Tuesday, September 19 Cubs Luncheon

Dress-Fox's/Booties-Steve Madden/Jewelry-BCBG, H&M

I like this outfit...I felt very polished and self confident in it.  But, I also felt like a kid playing dress up...
Maybe because I am only in the office part time so I spend more time in mom mode...dress more casual.  I have gotten out of the zone of "dressing up" every day and I think that is effecting how I view myself and my style.  I love those two days I spend at home with Alex...we have fun, I get to pick up Jack from school and help him with his homework...I would not trade that for anything.  But, I feel like I need to sometimes force myself so embrace all of me...not just the mom part.  I know I talk about this issue a lot, but it is a constant battle in my life.

The title of this post is a Dr. Who reference...I have been obsessed with that show lately.  I realized that I love sci-fi programs and movies so much because they are an escape...a fantasy land...where you don't have to worry about being late, where the kids are, are the dishes clean...I can just relax and enjoy!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A New Beginning...

Happy New Year to all you fellow Jewish people...may this new year bring you all the happiness and prosperity that you deserve!

Today Alex and I went to the Rosh Hashana kids service.  I was a bit worried that without Jack there for company he wouldn't sit still and participate.  But, contrary to my fears, Alex was an angel.  He sang along to all the songs, followed along with children's story of the earth's birthday.  I sometimes forget how much I love the feeling of community I feel when I am at the temple.  It was great to see so many of the kids Jack when to preschool with for 3 years before they all scattered to different schools for kindergarten. 

I knew I would be sitting on the floor with Alex during the service, so I decided to wear pants.  Good thing, you should have seen the other moms trying to sit on the floor with their pencil skirts and dresses...ha!!

Pants-Gap/Sweater-Old Navy/Shoes-Naturalizer/Jewelry-F21, Black Sheep

While I has taking these photos in our yard, Alex asked if we could do a family photo shoot...even though it was just the two of us...

 Today I am linking up with all the fabulous ladies over at the Monday Mingle...go check them out!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Sun Is In My Eyes...

You will have to just cut me some is Friday, and I have absolutely nothing witty, exciting or creative to say.

I actually have nothing to say...period!!

But, I did get dressed to day...

Skirt, loafers-Target/Sweater-Old Navy/Jewelry-F21, Nana, Black Sheep

Oh...I thought of two things......I love the fact  that it was cool enough to wear a sweater today....I had froyo with caramel, strawberries and Oreo crumbles for lunch...

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tab A Goes Where?

Worn to work Wednesday, September 12

Dress-Michael Kors/Sandals-Target/Jewelry-Jeweliq, Bauble Bar, H&M, Nana

One of the basic staples of my wardrobe is the shift dress.  Perfect for the summer heat...just add jewelry and sandals and you are ready to go.  In the cooler months, I have styled this dress with tights, boots and a blazer...easy! This morning, after a long night of not very peaceful sleep, this dress was an easy way to feel put together for a day of work...without a lot of work.  The last styling of this dress I wore a heavier gold, red and black necklace, but today I thought my favorite brighter and lighter bubble necklace would pop perfectly against the neutral geometric pattern. 
I think I really need to get this necklace in another color...I am thinking red.... I threw it on with a basic jeans and t-shirt this weekend, and I love the color and fun it added to the casual outfit!  

Ok...more coffee...back to work!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Riding Off Into the Sunset...

I am feeling a bit grumpy today...but if anything could make me happy, it is the horses on my shirt!!

Pants-Zara/Shirt-Gap/Shoes-Toms/Jewelry-H&M, F21

I have never been one for cutesy animals prints...but, give me a good leopard print any time of the day!  When I discovered this shirt at the gap, I knew I had to have it.  The horse print is very subtle in this fabulous color cannot even tell I am sporting horses unless you look closely!!  I could probably even dress up this shirt for a meeting with a blazer and skirt.

I am now going to have some ice cream and watch some Dr. cream and a trip in the Tardis cures all ills, including the grumpies!

Friday, September 7, 2012

I Am The One And Only...

Not Just Mom...It is not just the title of my blog, it is how I feel on a daily basis.  I had a conflict of interests last night, causing me wanting to be in two places at once, for two totally different things.  This debate amongst me and my brain cells caused me to think about the many, and at times, conflicting, things I am...
I am a mom
I am a wife
I am a friend
I am a blogger
I am a stylist to myself
I am a photographer
I am a cook...I count microwaving
I am a motivator
I am a teacher
I am a nerd
I am a chauffeur
I am a parent
I am a worrier
I am a judge
I am a artist
I am an advertising executive
I am a queen
I am a all senses of the word
And all these only yesterday...

Today I am mess of green jeans, leopard loafers and shiny bracelets...

Loafers, blazer-Target/Pants-Gap/Jewelry-H&M, Macy's, Florence, NY Street vendor

I am the one and only me...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who Needs Me...I Do!!

Today was Alex's first day of pre-school.  He has been going for 1 1/2 years now, so it is not that big of a deal him going to school.  But, since it was his first day this year, and we made a big deal about Jack's first day, I tried to make him feel special.

 Alex picks out his own he wanted his fancy car shirt (he thinks anything with a collar is fancy) and button shorts!

He wanted a first day photo in front of his locker.  a little clingy when we first walked into the room, Alex warmed up quite quickly and soon ran off to find the blocks to build a race track.  Since today was a shorted class day, most of the parents were staying for the two hours...but, I had not planned too...he was totally ok with that.  When it was rug time, he sat down, gave me a kiss and hug and said bye, go to work now.

I have decided, to stay within my budget for my fall wardrobe, I am only going to buy a few key pieces of clothing...about 30% the budget...the rest, I plan to spend on accessories.  I think I can remix my current fall wardrobe and jazz it up with new jewelry, a great pair of black casual boots and i am hunt the hunt for a medium sized burgundy handbag.  The two necklaces I styled today are some of my new fall purchases.  Bought in two different places...H&M and Forever 21...and two different times, I thought they would compliment each other by layering to form more of a bib style.  Another new purchase is the fabulous bow bracelet.