Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Arts & Crafts With MOM

Welcome to the second installment of Arts & Crafts Wednesday...get your scissors ready...

My artsy, fartsy side has been rearing its gigantic head lately.  Every time I see a piece of handmade jewelry, my first thought is can I make that at home, how much will it cost me and do I have the time.   I have been scouring DIY and craft websites for ideas and latest obsession is bracelets...

My version of arm candy...all made by moi!!

Both of these bracelets were done by weaving embroidery floss through flat link chains.  I came across this bracelet DIY on and thought "cool bracelet...I can do that"... I followed the directions it!!  I am planning on using this technique for a necklace next. girls DIY's are amazing and their style is killer!

Both of these bracelets were done with lanyard techniques that I dug out of the cobwebs in my brain from summer camp in the 90's.  The first is leather and the second one is made for neon cord.  I love the bright pop the neon bracelet gives to an outfit...not sure I would have to guts to wear neon anywhere else but a splash on my wrist or nails. 

I learned most of the techniques for keeping the rope ends from fraying, adding clasps, and knotting from  This site is a great portal for everything basic jewelry making.  They tell you the difficulty level, materials and link to individual site for the tutorial.

When my husband asked me for birthday present ideas said a gift certificate to Hobby Lobby.  Seems that I have been spending most of my money there lately.  We even made me a crafting area in our home office!

Worn to Work Tuesday, June 28

Dress-Target/Necklace-Francesca's, DIY, Banana Republic/Shoes-Seychelles

Worn to work Wednesday June 29 

Love today's outfit...the ever present maxi skirt...just too comfortable to say no to on an early Wednesday morning.  I just bought this leopard t-shirt at the Gap yesterday...of course it was one of the few things not on sale...but I had rewards.  Love that it is not too sheer, v-neck and of course the print!
With the long skirt, fitted t-shirt and high wedges...feel so tall and confident today...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Great Minds Don't Move In Straight Lines...Neither Do I...

Worn to work Monday, June 27

Top-Banana Republic/Skirt-Old Navy/Belt-H&M/Shoes-DV for Target/Jewelry-DIY, NY street vendor, Target

The start of another week and I am tired already...I just cannot grasp the fact that it is almost July...almost my is starting to traumatize me that I am going to be that old...ahhhh!

I decided to starting smiling in my photos...instead of the usual stare or look to the side.  When I smile, my eyes get kind of squinty and you can see all the lines in my face...but I guess they are lines of experience, life and emotion.

I really liked how this outfit turned out.  I usually wear this skirt with a solid top, but I thought I would throw caution to the wind and pair it with a lace, I am adventurous... (sarcasm).  I have been really loving mixing black and brown I mixed the lace top with the rugged brown belt. Then I loaded on the jewelry like Hamasa hand necklace dangly earrings and piles o' bracelets... one of them is a preview of this weeks Arts and Crafts Wednesday

Today was the first day at camp for the boys...first time ever for Alex.  He was a little nervous at first, but after I sat down with him and started to play with the play dough, he relaxed and said "bye mommy...go to work". Jack didn't even look back...just went in, found a car and started playing.  

Friday, June 24, 2011

Keep Your Arms Out Straight And Try Not To Fall...

Worn to work Thursday, June 23

This outfit is pretty basic, but I was tired and wanted to get dressed simply...I think I achieved that.  Summery blue sheath,  make me tall wedges and a pinch of colorful jewelry.  The bracelet closeup is a preview of next weeks Arts and Crafts Wednesday...try to control your excitement!! ha!

Worn to work Friday, June 24

Woke up this morning and had absolutely no clue what I wanted to wear to work today.  I usually have some sort of an idea of a certain item i want to wear or a certain look I want to go for.  But today...nothing.  I picked out this shirt from Target because it still had the tags hanging on it.  Since the shirt had a bit of volume, I decided to pair it with a slim pencil skirt.  Again, I went for colorful accessories to add something to the basic slate.  Red chunky necklace, tons of bracelets, new funky sunglasses and favorite leopard peep toes...accessories rock!!  I know wearing a wrist full of bracelets is "in" right now....but, I will have you know, I have been styling my arms full of bracelets for decades...all the way back to the 80's with arms full of jelly bracelets and the 90's with the friendship bracelets.

I got my butt back to the gym last night after a week away.  It is amazing how out of shape you can get in a week...  It just felt so good to sweat and breath heavy for 2 hours.  I almost forgot how good my body and mind feels when my workout is finished.  Working full time, I am having trouble finding to get into a new routine of going to the gym at night after work.  I am feeling guilt not rushing home to spend time with the boys before bed...I just got so used to spending full days with them.  But, I know going to the gym is important to me physically and the end it is all about balance and I am just trying not to fall over.

Found this new great spot to take photos on my way to work today...ivy cover rocks right my the lake...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I DID a DIY...Arts and Crafts Time!!

Love me a good craft project!  When I was little, I was that kid that would rather take an extra art and crafts class that gym or a sport.  I think it was because I knew that had a better change at being good at and making a pretty craft project than excelling at an athletic endeavor.  My Nana taught me to knit at was a great way to spend alone time with her.  I used to knit all my dolls matching sweaters, scarves and hats...I had arms full or handmade friendship bracelets for me and my boys had tons of hand-knit receiving blankets when they were born.  Knitting and crafting relaxes me, quiets my head, and takes my mind off of the day.  Nothing like the satisfaction of looking at a project once finished and knowing that you made it with your own two hands.

I present to you my newest project...

I got the idea for this necklace from Honestly WTF...this amazing blog I just discovered.  I used 12 yds of microfiber faux suede and beads from one of my favorite necklaces Jack had recently destroyed.  I used a box stitch that I learned when making lanyards years ago.  Then I threaded the beads through every other stitch.  I just knotted the ends together so that I can adjust the length depending on how I want to wear it....I love it.  Total I probably spent $3.00 for the faux suede.  I plan on making a bracelet like this and maybe another necklace in a different color.  There are so many options with materials and beads...

Worn to Work Wednesday, June 22

I wanted to wear an outfit today where my necklace could be the show piece.  I thought all black base with a leopard cardi and neutral sandals for fun.  I was thinking about wearing my 3 inch espadrilles, but decided that with the shorter skirt I should keep the heel low...what do you think... Do you wear high heels with a shorter skirt?

I am currently working on a few bracelet DIY's.  My husband set me up a craft table in the corner of his office.  I recently bought all these supplies and they were just kind of hanging around in a Target bag.  But now, I have them all organized and ready to ready to be crafted. 

I was thinking maybe Wednesdays should be Arts and Crafts day here on Not Just Mom...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No, I Do Not Want To Be Your Friend...Summer!

Worn to work Tuesday, June 21

Worn to work Monday, June 20

Things I learned looking at these photos while preparing this post...
-My boobs are still really big.
-All the weight lifting and working out I have been doing is definitely showing in my shoulders and hips
-I am not petite
-I am ok with all of the above!
-My camera is having focus issues...I have a headache
-It is hot out...summer is finally here...I was covered in sweat by the time I finished taking these photos

I know I have said it before, but I will say it again (side effect of having kids, I repeat myself)... not a fan of summer and the heat.  When the temperature is above 75, I dress for comfort...a dress, or a tank top and a skirt...not very exciting, but I do try to add excitement with jewelry and shoes.

Someone recently commented that I usually wear a colored top with a statement necklace.  At first, I was slightly offended that someone was commenting that I tended to wear the same outfit formula each day...boring!  I know, it was just an observation on the commenter's part, not a negative. Then, the next morning, I found my self standing in my closet, with a bright tank top, looking for a chunky necklace without even thinking...hmmmm.... While style blogging has pushed me to think outside my comfort zone...tucking things in, belts, button downs, layering, maxi skirts...I still tend to go with what got me basics.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Love Me A Good Denim Skirt!!

 Just a note...I am having camera issues, so today's outfit will not be seen until tonight or tomorrow.  So, I thought I would amuse you ladies today with a guest post I did on Rochelle Approved back in April.  But, since I am still always rocking my denim skirts, I thought I would let you enjoy my ode again!

Ode to The Denim skirt....oh how I love the...let me count the ways...

1. A dark denim pencil skirt worn during the summer for lunch with friends.  Just throw it on with a lacy tank and wedges and go. Perfect for those who have a short-phobia and want to stay cool and still look polished

2. The dark denim pencil skirt also serves well with tights, boots and a cardi during the cooler months.  Dressy and polished enough for a day at the office, comfortable, but stuffy.

3. Then there is the lighter denim circle skirt.  The more casual cousin, this skirt is also very versatile. I like to wear mine in the winter with tights and ankle boots.  A patterned tank top and a cardi  make the skirt work for a casual day at the office.  This skirt is one of my favorites, elastic waist, belt loops and pockets!

4. The colored denim is also a friend. This grey denim pencil skirt also works well for the office.  In the fall I have worn it with a button up shirt and a blazer.

As you can see I like a good denim skirt.  I can wear it with everything from a t-shirt and flat sandals in the summer to a blazer and boots in the winter.  In my opinion it is a staple in a fashionable women's wardrobe.  Denim skirts can pretty much be found anywhere.  Mine are from Gap, Ann Taylor Loft and Anthropologie.  Thanks for reading my Ode to the Denim Skirt!

I would love to hear about your favorite ways to rock your denim skirts!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Want A Tall With A Side of Bangs

Worn to work Thursday, June16

Skirt-Anthro/Sweater-Banana Republic/Shoes-Indigo/Jewelry-Old Navy, NY Street Vendor, Nordies

This outfit makes me feel like a giant...these are the tallest wedges that I have worn in a long time...I love feeling tall!! These Indigo wedges (my new favorites) were bought a few weeks ago during the Piperlime sale.  So, glad I bit the bullet and bought them, they are comfy and very neutral colored so they can be worn with everything.  I bought this green skirt last week at the Anthropologie the bright color, tie waist and pockets!!
Notice anything new with my hair... I won't get offended if you did not notice....BANGS!!  (and I touched up the color since the grey came back and the roots were showing.  I had these little hairs sticking up in the front that were growing back after falling out from stress from the surgeries and things, so I decided to cut bangs, so they could be incorporated into them to grown in.  I always liked the was I looked with bangs, so it was not a big decision.  I recently have learned that hair grows back...there are many bigger things in life to worry about and stress long as we all get up in the morning, my family is is good.

From the...You know you are tired when...files...
I fell asleep sitting on the floor in my closet this morning trying to decide what to wear...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lace Them Up Everbody!

Worn to work Tuesday, June 14

 Skirt-Fox's/Tank-Gap/Jacket-H&M/Shoes-Nine West/Jewelry-Macy's

It is time for Everybody, Everywhere....Everyone is sporting lace this turn!  I love lace, so this was an easy one.  The skirt was my base, then I wanted to take the frilly down, so I thought the plain khaki vest/jacket from H&M would do the trick.  I was looking to add a chunky gold necklace, but settled for this fun yellow one instead.  All all, I am pretty happy how my lace outfit came out.  Today has been a long an crazy day.  All I can say is, it was 2:00 before I actually arrived at work and I have to go pick up Alex at 5:00.  Plus I stayed up late last night DIY-ing...cannot wait to show you guys what I made!

Worn to work Monday, June 13

Skirt, Cardi, Tank-Old Navy/Jewelry-Target, Nordstroms, Black Sheep, Shoes-Steve Madden

Pretty basic outfit Monday.  Just bought this jean skirt and cardigan with my Old Navy Groupon last weekend.  I wear jean skirts often in all seasons, so I figured a nice dark pencil one would be a great staple in my closet.  My favorite thing about this outfit are the accessories.  My favorite leopard
peep toe flats, fun bangles and chunky beaded leaf necklace. 

Also, I discovered this great little public garden near my work to take photos.  Of course, I got all bitten up trying to take my these outfit pics...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prepster Businessman Strikes Again...

Worn to work Friday, June 10

Skirt-Anthropologie/Shirt-Zara/Shoes-OTBO via Lori's/Jewelry H&M/Bag-Fossil

Know what??...I love this outfit...I love how it makes me feel!
This outfit started with the skirt...comfy, has pockets and is one of my favorites.  Then came the striped shirt...I don't wear it a ton, I think that comes from decades of never being able to wear striped top because of my old big boobs.  But, now that they are smaller, I am embracing the stripes.  This skirt is a little big in the waist, so I added the braided belt.  Jewelry wise, I thought it would be fun to add a funky, but not huge necklace and clashing pattern bracelets...the leopard one is one of my faves.  Since it was not supposed to be real warm, about 55 degrees, I opted for my brogues.  Let me profess my love for the brogue.  They make me feel like a school girl, a prep...there was this girl in college I always wanted to be friends with and she always wore brogues.  I wear them and I feel powerful, like a businessman who just closed a deal!  Weird...I know!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!