Monday, July 30, 2012

We All Fall Down...

Pretty good weekend had here...relaxing, going to the burnt, 2 great outdoor runs and tons of Olympic viewing!  I didn't think I would really get into the Olympics this year, but the boys seem to really enjoy watching it as a family.  As Jack said, "it is my favorite show when I am watching it with you!"

Worn to work Monday, July 30...Easy summer dress for a day at work...

Dress, Flats-Target, Jewelry, F21, Nordstrom's, Old Navy

I know it is 90 degrees outside right now...but all the new merchandise in stores, the colors of this dress and the fact I have not stopped sweating since may, make me yearn for fall...

Untitled #6

I have been lusting after a pair of leopard loafers for the last year or so... I think I am going to finally pull the trigger this fall.  If you know me, you know I love chunky jewelry...these necklaces in such rich fall colors will be so much fun to style with denim come cooler temps.  I love to purchase a new handbag each fall...reminds me of when I was a kid and started off each school year with a new backpack...this year I am leaning towards a satchel shape.

I cannot wait to start shopping for fall!!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And So It Goes...

Last Saturday, I hit up the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.  I look forward to it every year so I can grab a new piece for fall.  The only downside is then I stare at  my new purchase longingly hanging in my closet, while sweating in the heat the rest of the summer, planning out fall outfits in my head!  I had four items on my wish list this year and ended up coming home with one of them...and this dress...which unfortunately, was not on sale...

Dress-Nordstrom's/ Shoes-Steve Madden/Jewelry-Old Navy, Banana Republic, Bauble Bar

This is my attempt st dressing up this casual cotton dress for work.  I brought with a khaki blazer to thrown on at work if needed...but it was just way to hot to put it on...even just for photos!  I even wore this dress again Tuesday for running errands...just added flat sandals and two strands of long silver beads.
Sale-wise, I ended up buying a Pink Boucle biker jacket...brand it!!!  Also was looking for a new foundation so I purchased Bobbi Brown BB Cream. My skin is so sensitive that I am waiting to see if I get a reaction from far so good!!

Worn to work Wednesday, June 25

 Skirt-LOFT/Cardigan-Target/Flats-Naturalizer/Jewelry-Art Fair, H&M, Old Navy

Not sure why I put on a cardigan is hot!!  Basic casual corporate outfit...had a meeting.  The centerpiece of this ensemble is the the necklace.  My mom bought it for me at an art fair last weekend...thanks lady!!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Every August, the church across the street from our house holds German Fest...a giant, loud, pain in my butt carnival.  I say pain because our street gets so packed with cars that it makes it difficult to navigate out of our driveway and the really loud rock music plays until midnight...I can hear it clearly from my bedroom.  But, the boys love the carnival.  They get to see it going up all week and all the people walking down the street to the fun.  So, on the final Sunday, we always take them across the street for some fun of their own. 

This year, the boys wanted to go on the ferris wheel... Since there was barely a belt to keep the kids in the seat, I "opted" to go with them.  I must day, I don't remember ferris wheels going so fast as a kid!  If the kids leaned too far forward in the seat, I was sure we were going to fall out!!

View from above

My boys love cars...anything to do with cars... So, every year, they like to go on the car ride.  Not realizing it, I have taken a photo of them every year on this ride...

2010-Jack...Alex was too little to ride.  It is amazing how young Jack looks!

2011 Jack

 2011 Alex

2012 Jack and Alex

 Boys will never get too old for cars....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Loosing Track Of Time... in my corner of the world wide web...

I walked into a meeting today and someone says "you look different today...what did you change..."


 Dress, Belt-Target/Shoes-Steve Madden/Jewelry-H&M, Macy's

Bright pink lips, big earrings and hair up...

I bought this Revlon Just Bitten balm stain on a it!  So easy to apply with it's crayon-like tip.  The color is definitely long-lasting and is available in tons of shades.  I am definitely going to have to pick up a reddish shade soon!  Hair was so darn humid when I stepped out of the house this morning and I could feel my hair frizzing up as from the walk from the house to the car!

Worn to work Monday, July 16

Another dress...

 Dress-BR Outlet/Sandals-Target/Jewelry-Macy's, Black Sheep, Target

This dress...simple and comfy...that's all...

Friday, July 13, 2012

You Are What You Eat...

So then I must be a piece of cake...chocolate cake...with big frosting flowers...

Worn to work Monday, July 9

Dress, Belt-Old Navy/Sandals-Macy's/Jewelry-Nordstom's, F21, H&M

Worn to work Wednesday, July 11

Skirt-Fox's/Cardigan-Old Navy/Shoes-Target/Jewelry-H&M, DIY

Like my bracelets....huh...I made them in all their glory because I am very talented...ha!! But seriously, I made them!

I admit...these outfits are not very exciting...but I am not really feeling very exciting lately...  Not feeling real comfortable in my own skin, let alone my clothes.  I have been slacking on controlling the quality and content of what I have been putting in my body and I can feel it showing in my body and head...too much sugar.  Between the headaches, chest pains and too tight clothing I am a mess and have decided it is about time to dig myself out of this hole I fell in...

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Party Time!!

In my family, birthday's are a multiple day celebration.  My mom and I usually send some time together and then we have a small party.  This year I was not really up for a party...I am a bit traumatized by turning the birthday festivities were toned down a bit this year...but still fun nonetheless...

Such an incredible dinner at Quartino...Italian tapas...caprese platter, pizza with baby spinach, eggplant parmigiana and broccoli rabe with garlic...yum!!

Birthday freakin delicious...freshly made profiteroles with chocolate dipping...we finished them off in about 5 seconds...

We stayed downtown at the Allegro for the evening.  It was so nice to be able to sleep soundly...not worrying about which little boy is going to wander into my room and join me in bed...I could get up when I wanted too, not when someone started screaming "mom"!!

After a leisurely and delicious brunch at Eleven Diner with mom and dad...spinach and onion fritatta...I headed home to enjoy thew afternoon with my boys!

Monday was my actual birthday, so there was more fun!  After a great birthday burrito for lunch with my dad, the rest of the workday and Jack's t-ball game, I came home to a cookie cake celebration with the boys! 

Even though I am terrified about being is just too close to 40...I have a feeling this is going to be a great year!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sweaty Mc Sweats A Lot Goes To Work!

Too hot out Friday morning...I just wanted to put on something light...airy...cotton...something that I won't sweat through on my way to the car...

Skirt-Old Navy/Top, Shoes, Ring-Target/Bag, bracelet-H&M/Earrings-Francesca's

I hate wearing my hair up.  Something about having it all pulled back makes me feel if there is nothing on my head/face, there is nothing to balance out my body...weird, I know I am !!  I only wear my hair up in photos if it is just way too hot for anything else or it is so greasy from not washing it that I cannot stand to have it near my skin.  At home, I only wear it up when I am really hot, working out, or washing my face...again...weird!!

Stay tuned for details from my birthday birthday is actually tomorrow, so more fun is on it's way!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The View From Here...

What has been going on in my life lately...

 Afternoons at the pool

Camp for the boys

4th of July desserts

Building castles

DIY Jewelry

Styling new bracelet for the 4th of July