Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bad Sugar...Bad...

The heat clicked on in my house whopping 45 degrees.  My boys like to dress themselves, so I give them free-reign...when I left the house, they wear wearing shorts and t-shirts.  I sure hope the babysitter made them put on pants... Oh no...working mom's guilt!

I knew I would be in frigid, air-conditioned, temperature below 70, office all day, so I was smart and wore pants...

Pants-Gap/Cardigan-Banana Republic/Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell/Jewelry-Target, In Pink, BaubleBar, Nordstrom's

I just realized I have a lot of pairs of oxfords...I guess the preppy girl deep down inside of me some times takes over the shopping duties. 

So, my mom made brownies for the kids yesterday...and after they fell asleep, I ate almost the whole plate full.  I have been in kind of a funk lately and they were calling to me... " know you want to eat me...screw your new clean diet and stuff your know you want to!" So I did!!
My body hates me now...the headache, the stomach ache, the bloating, it was telling me "why in the heck did you do that stupid not do that again"  
Back to eating clean!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And Then There Was One...

Today is case you were not sure...I wasn't, I thought it was Thursday when I got up this morning...  But, since it is really Wednesday, it must be a SO What Wednesday, thanks to Shannon Dew over at Life as I Dew...and now I vent...


-I am hungry...ALL THE TIME

-I am craving a big greasy slice of pizza... The last time I had a slice my body went into shock and wanted to know what  happening to all the clean, fresh, and sugar free food it had been getting used to

-I ate my lunch today in the car...a big sloppy garden burger with all the fixings.  It was delicious, but messy evidenced by the mustard stain now on my pants
-I am pretty sure I am having a midlife 35...

-My incision and scar tissue lump are swollen and sore..I do not need the extra body issues at the moment

-My whiney, non-appreciative, but adorable non the less, boys are driving be bonkers!

-The flats I am wearing are 1/2 size too big.  I have been on the search for the perfect pair of flats and I loved these and they were on super now they are mine...but the search continues

-The proportions are all off on today's outfit, but I like it!!

Pants-Zara/Shoes-Gap/Top-LOFT/Jewelry-House of Harlow, F21

Thanks for listening...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Nana Goes To Spain...

I was so darn cold when I woke up this morning...I guess that is what happens when you fall asleep with the windows open and the morning temp dips to 38 degrees...that I decided to throw on tights today.  I was determined not to wear them again until next fall, but the thought of making it through the day, where the high was going to be 42, bare legged, made me shiver!

 Skirt-Old Navy/Blazer-Target/Booties-Steve Madden/Jewelry-Black Sheep, H&M, JCrew, House of Harlow

Today's outfit photos were taken in the courtyard of my Nana's condo, Barcelona...I love taking photos there, makes me think of her...  She has been gone now for about a year and a half now, but we always use Nana's house as a central meeting location...when we need to meet half way and drop off the kids...when we want to leave a car somewhere so we can travel as a group. Random memory... I was hiding under the kitchen table as a little girl of about 7, listening to my mom and Nana talking about how her and Papa were going to move to Barcelona.  so, I asked someone where Barcelona was...they said Spain.  So, I was freaking out telling everyone that they could never move away!  Then someone told me that this Barcelona was a condo in Skokie...ha!  I was very close to my Nana, spending a lot of time with her growing up.  I think she would appreciate it that we will always refer to this central spot as Nana's house. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Think I Might Jump...

Heckled...yes, heckled!

Skirt-Gap/Blazer-Halogen/Shoes-Naturalizer/Jewelry-Black Sheep, BaubleBar, H&M

"No matter how many different time s you do it, it is still going to look boring."  I was heckled yesterday while taking these outfit photos along the lake shore by my office.  I would not have been so bad it the comment had not come from the hi-rise next to the shore, via a LOUD SPEAKER!!!
Maybe I ask for it, taking my outfit photos around other people in public places, but geesh...must you broadcast your disdain for me and my outfit over a loud speaker from your window.  And to ad insult in injury, the bum sitting on the bench right by me says "I guess you have an admirer"!
Thanks for the screaming blow to my self confidence...

 Worn to work Thursday, March 23

 Skirt, Cardigan-Old Navy/Shirt-Jason Wu for Target/Oxfords-Steve Madden/Jewelry-Target, BaubleBar, F21

So, is 35 too young to have a mid life crisis...


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's A Cinch...

Worn to Work Monday, March 19

Dress, Belt-Old Navy/Wedges-Urban Outfitters/Jewelry-Bauble Bar, Black sheep, Banana Republic

I hit up Old Navy this weekend...twice...they were having a massive sale!  First time, I made the mistake of going in the middle of the day...too crowded...the line for the register snaked around the store and the line for the dressing room seemed just as long.  Since I am not a fan of crowds...or waiting, I ditched my pile of clothes and headed home.  Second time, I decided to go later that evening, about an hour before was still a bit crowded, but I scored!  Two dresses, including the one I styled here, two tribal print tops, two belts, including the one above, two headbands and socks for Jack...all on sale...super sale!! Plus, they were giving Super money to redeem in excuse for more shopping!!

Worn to Work Tuesday, March 20

 Skirt -Target/Top-Banana Republic/Shoes-Urban Outfitters/Jewelry-Francesca's, Target, House Of Harlow/Belt-Hot Momma

I was not sure if I was ready to introduce my toes to the daylight of spring, but the desire to stay cool won and I broke out one of my favorite pair of sandals from last summer.  Love these wedges...zippers and rope detail...funky fun!!  At first I tried this shirt/skirt combo with a black belt, then a leopard belt, then finally settled on this red one...along with the other colorful accessories to add some fun to this color block outfit.

Ok...I am off...duty calls...duty meaning dinner and whiny children!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

On Saturday, March 17, my first baby, Jack turned six.  Wow, I just cannot believe he is already seems like yesterday we were surprised by this 4.7lbs little baby...he was 4 weeks premature.

 3 months old                                                                                  3 years old

On Friday, I volunteered in his kindergarten class so I could be there for his birthday at school...

On Saturday...his "real birthday"...Nana and Papa came over.  Jack got to pick the main course for dinner...hotdogs...I was hoping he'd choose pizza!  

Sunday was his kids party.  Tons of fun at Safari Land...a Dave and Busters type place for kids...with his friends from school!  Jack is very into the army men thing lately, so everything was camoflage and airplanes...

All in all, a great birthday weekend was had. Between the leftover cake and pizza and all the Lego planes, ninja's and cars to be put together, the effects of all the fun will be felt for a long time!
(Spent an hour last night putting together a  Ninjago plane that had 279 pieces and had cold pizza for breakfast!)

 I am so proud of what a big boy Jack is growing up to be!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

You Are My Sunshine...

This weather just makes me happy...

I am not a big fan of summer...too hot and sweaty.  But, give me this low 70's, sun shining and low humidity weather and I am thrilled...and it is only March!!

Worn to work Wednesday, March 14

Skirt-LOFT/Sweater-H&M/Shoes-Vaneli via Lori's/Jewelry-Bauble Bar, Black Sheep, street vendor NYC

This outfit came together very haphazardly this morning...but I love the end product.  When I bought this skirt, I though it was purple.  But, after a few wears, I think it might be brown.  Today, I decided to style it with purple and brown with a neutral light pink thrown in for good the poofy detailing on this sweater.  After today, I think these purple wedges need to go to shoe heaven...the rubber sole on both shoes are falling off and the insoles are worn out...RIP purple suede bows

No in jackets and scarves.  Taking ten extra minutes each morning to warm up the car...making sure the kids are zipped up with gloves and hats...

Worn to work Thursday, March 15

Dress-Target/Cardigan-Banana Republic/Shoes-Urban Outfitters/Jewelry-BR, In Pink, Target, Madewell

I had a meeting with a more conservative client, so I figured I could get away with mixing the leopard print with the stripes since they are both in neutral colors... Added the pop of bright with a my tank top to break up all the neutrals.

My baby turns 6 in two days...I am in denial...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Green Is Not Just A Color In The Rainbow...

Everybody's doing I am too...wearing green that is...  Ladies all over the internet are styling up their green today and showing it off over at Everybody, go check them out!

Skirt-Old Navy/Shirt-Loft/Loafers-Kenneth Cole/Jewelry-Francesca's, In Pink, Nordstrom's

I expected to find more green in my closet...but no.  This shirt, from last summer, has always been one of my favorite ways to add color and pattern to an outfit.  These loafers...found them in a box in the attic.  Who needs shopping when you have boxes, from moving 3 years ago, that contain gems like these...muted lime green...who new??

I have a new obsession...the TV show Revenge.  I never bothered watching it when it first started because it seemed to soapy...I am more info sci-fi, medical and crime dramas.  But, I decided to give this show a try last week...LOVE IT!!  I just finished watching the 16 episodes...nothing like a marathon of lying, deceit, love and...revenge, to keep me entertained.  Of course, now that I am all caught up, they are on hiatus and the final 3 episodes wont air until mid April.  Anyone else into Revenge??

Green: Everybody, Everywear