Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not the Beach...

Wore to work Tuesday, June 29

Tuesday was a very busy day at work, a lot of sitting at my desk typing and such. So, I am glad I wore something comfortable. I took these pictures myself, it took me a while to figure out the timer and the focus. I had to balance the camera on the top of my car and on the flower basket to take the pictures!
I hate to say it, but I think this dress is supposed to be a beach cover up, but I was never one to follow rules. I belted it with the pink, black, and white striped belt to give it some shape and color. I think I pulled it off.

Dress-Banana Republic Outlet
Belt-J crew (think I have had it since high school)
Shoes-Some German Company

At just for a smile...Jack on his way to camp!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Leg at a Time

Wore to Work Monday, June 28

I took these pictures with my new camera! I am still getting the hang of takes pictures with the timer and getting everything in focus, but I am trying. I has sitting at my desk trying to get a head shot by balancing the camera on my cubicle wall!

Do not get used to seeing me in pants....I am not a big fan...In fact these are the only pants I have worn to work since Alex was born, October 10, 2008....I am not kidding. When I went back to work after having Alex, my old dress pants did not fit, and the next size up was too big. I was just more comfortable in skirts and that is what I have been wearing to work for the last year and a half. I do fit back into my old pants now, but I prefer to wear skirts and dresses. I must admit, I do wear jeans and shorts on my days at home with the kids, but I do also wear skirts and dresses out with them during the summer.
So, on to these pants...not something I would normally buy. But, I have seen this type and shape of pants on other bloggers and such, so I gave them a chance...and I am glad I did. The pants are 50% silk so they are so comfortable an non restricting! Again I wore a belt and tucked....I love the look!

Pants-Ann Taylor Loft
Top-Banana Republic
shoes-Me Too
Jewelry-F21, J Crew, Francesca's

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Dance

I am very fact I just did a happy dance around my office. I just bought and early birthday present for my self...a new digital camera!! Now I can take better quality pictures of my outfits and my boys.
In fact, I am going to take a picture of today's outfit now...before it starts to rain.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swings a Web

Wore to work Thursday, June 24

I was in an edit session all day, so I did not have anyone to take my pic, hence the mirrored self mirrored self portrait.
This denim skirt of one of my closet staples. I can wear it so many ways all year round. Also I just purchased these shoes at Nine West. They were on mega sale and they are red and comfy...perfect. You cannot see it in detail, but it is ivory with a white lace panel down the gives the shirt depth. I felt good in this outfit all day!
I found a good deal on a new digital camera and I think I am going to just splurge and buy it as a birthday present to myself. So hope fully soon I will have much better and interesting outfit pictures. No more iphone pictures...yeah!!

Skirt-BR outlet
Shirt-BR outlet
shoes-Nine West

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zone Out

I decided to sit down on the rock because the wind kept blowing my skirt up and i did not want to give the others on the beach a show..

So we decided to walk the block from the office to the lake to take the pictures...It was so nice to get out of the freezing office into the sun!
This outfit takes me outside of my comfort zone, but that is not a bad thing. It has been a very long while since I work a belt, or my shirt tucked in. But, I liked the was my silhouette looked. While standing in front of my closet in the morning, I was influenced by the likes of bloggers Selective Potential, Kendi Everyday, and Delightfully Tacky. I am inspired by the way they rework things from their closet and put their fashions together...thanks guys! I had a spring in the step all day know that I had tried something new and I loved it!

Tank-Old Navy
Cardigan-Ann Taylor Loft
Skirt-H&M ($9 on a run during lunch break Monday!)
Shoes-some German company??
necklaces-boutique in Evanston

It Is Not Easy Being Green

Nothing like a good tornado warning to spice up an otherwise pleasant day...
So the boys and I spent the afternoon planted on the couch watching Cars for the one millionth time. They finally fell asleep so I decided to watch a "mommy show" (murder, violence, sex) on the TiVo. Just as I get to he best part of Persons Unknown it starts pouring, thundering, and lightening and the power goes out!!! So I restart the Direct tv, which is so slow, and finally get back to my show. Few minutes later I hear a siren, junking it is on tv i ignore it. When it keeps going I begin to realize that it is the tornado warning siren and i look out the window and the sky is an eerie shade of green.... Not good!
So I drag two sleeping kids down the stairs to the basement and proceed to step in a puddle at the bottom the the stairs... The basement flooded and Jack never picked his toys up off the floor to they were all wet.
Needless to say... Yesterday was a very long day....and today is not that much better.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stop Hitting Your Brother

My boys....the loves of my life, and sometimes my reason for drinking!!
Jack is 4 and Alex is 1 1/2. Jack is beginning to look alot like me and that is so surreal...

When they were both born, they looked so much like their dad, that the only reason I knew that they were mine were the nine months of uncomfortable nausea and stretch marks. But know I look at Jack and I see my face and my mannerisms.

And now for a visual....

Well here goes nothing....
My first outfit post.

Yesterdays outfit for work
Shoes-Nine West (got them for $19 last year on sale love them!)
Necklace-Taken from my moms closet this morning
Ring-House of Harlow
Right now I am using my iphone the quality is not that great. I have asked for a new digital camera for my birthday next month, so if all goes well, the pictures will get better. Until I get said camera, my associate Anneitta is being tortured by having to be my photographer. We are going to try to find new fun places for the pictures...not just the office lobby.
I plan to try to post outfit of the day pictures on days when I actually get dressed...nice. The days I work, I dress up, but on the days on am with my kids, I usally never change out of my gym clothes (yoga pants and a tshirt) unless we have somewhere specific to go and I do not consider that park and Target somewhere!
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

An Introduction is necessary....

Well, here I go. I have wanted to start a blog for a while, but just did not have the time or the guts. I am a big blog follower....especially fashion blogs, and thought it was about time to introduce myself to everyone.
First off, my name is Randi and I am 33 and live in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband and my two boys, 4 and 1 1/2. I work part-time for an advertising agency in the city.
They key to being me is trying to find that ever so elusive balance between mom and Randi.
This blog is going to be a little bit of everything....Fashion, Style, Life, kids....anything on my mind (censored for the viewing public)
I hope you enjoy a look into me....I have learned to many things for other bloggers that inspire me!