Friday, July 26, 2013

Heavy Eyelids Here...

I know I have said it before, but I am saying it again...I love a good Target dress!!

 Dresses-Target/Denim shirt-Old Navy/Shoes-DSW/Jewelry-Black Sheep, F21, Baublebar, Charming Charlie/Nordstrom's

So, my lab partner asked me if I like patterns...ha!! Nothing like anchors on denim over some flowy, comfy Target polyester.  Both of these frocks were worn to school this last week.  I grabbed the denim shirt on the way out the door since the a/c is usually cranked in the lab...I think it made a fun pattern mix with these dresses... Keep on doing whatever it is your doing do it well!

I am just so relieved that the weekend is here...  School is freakin exhausting...I fell asleep last night,  at 6, while waiting for dinner to cook!!  My lab final was Monday...I rocked it!  As of now, I have an 89 in the class...I think that is pretty damn good for an old lady who has not been to college since 1998!! One more written test, a final exam and 6 more clinical hours and I will be done...we even have a graduation ceremony Thursday...I am bringing the cake!  Then, as long as I pass the state certification in September...I will officially be a CNA and patient care tech... woo hoo. Keeping my fingers crossed I can score some employment soon.

Monday, July 22, 2013

I Love a Good Sale...

The Nordstrom's Anniversary sale is probably the best sale of the year.  I always look forward to checking out new fall merchandise, especially sweaters and boots, when July rolls around.  But, I definitely thing it is a bit odd trying on sweaters and  such when it is a heat index of 110 degrees outside the air conditioned store.  But of course the heat is not going to stop me from shopping!!

Since I had the full day off and was going to be doing a bit of running around after the sale, I wanted to be comfy, but still stylish and cool in the heat.  So, I went with casual shorts, but a bit of a dressier top and necklace...

Shorts-Old Navy/Top-H&M/Jewelry-Nordstroms, Black Sheep, F21

So, I hit up the Nordstroms Anniversary sale first thing after dropping the boys at camp.  Everywhere where I looked there were cute things I wanted to buy!  There were a few pairs of ankle boots I was deciding between...some fabulous sweaters I was mulling over...multiple beauty sets I wanted.  The Anniversary Sale always has the best beauty specials!

What I did end up purchasing...
DV Ankle Boots
Leopard ankle boots...enough said!

NARS 'Basier de Feu' Lip Trio
Love...wearing the set in above photos...stayed on for hours...score!!

Nordies sale 2013
I just had to have the oversize cardigan with the British flag design. Being such a big Doctor Who fan, I am also an anglophile...that sweater is all sorts of cozy perfection.  I am pretty sure that I am going to have to go back and grab those jeans before the sale is over!
I am just beyond thrilled with my purchases!! Too bad the weather is not cool enough for the booties and sweater yet...but the fall temps will be here soon enough...I can wait!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Boys Who Throw Up...

I was hoping for a quiet weekend with me and my boys...well, that did not quite happen...

Saturday, Alex was complaining all morning that his stomach hurt.  I did not worry too much about it, since I know he has a sensitive stomach normally.  Right after we arrived at a family party later that afternoon, I picked Alex up because he was wining and he promptly started to throw up...repeatedly.  Down the front of my my bra...down my side, from ear to foot...even in my hair! To ad insult to injury, one of the cousins came bounding down the stairs and slipped on all the puke and crashed in to the wall!  Needless to say, we promptly cleaned up the mess and turned around and went much for the party!  I was coated and puke and stunk by the time we got home!

Sunday was spent studying for the 4 tests I had on Monday.  The boys love it when I am studying and I explain to them about their anatomy.  Yesterday, it was the parts of the brain and spinal cord...they thought it was so cool to now what parts of their head the thoughts and movement come from.  They love it when I point out the different bones in their body and how they work!

Then, this morning, Alex come running into the bathroom while I am in the shower and screams "Jack is throwing up...I see pieces of pickle from dinner"...crap!  So, I jump out of the shower and clean him up and get ready for school.  As we are walking out the door, all our hands full of backpacks and such...Jack just stops at the front door and pukes again...what a great start to the morning!!

After cleaning more puke and finally getting everyone in the car and on the road, I made it to school just in time for a day of tests.

Skirt-Anthropologie/Top-The Limited/Sandals-Enzo/Jewelry-Black Sheep, Old Navy, Loft, F21

I figured if I was going to be behind a desk or testing in the lab all day, I might as well look good!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

37...Come On Down...

Yesterday was my 37th birthday.  Wow...another year closer to 40 and it just freaks me out!

Had a pretty good birthday...spent the day in a stifling hot nursing home, drenched in sweat, providing care for the elderly.  At least I got to have a quick birthday lunch with my mom during my break!  My boys and I had a little celebration at home in the evening...cookie cakes are our favorite.
All in all, it was a pretty good birthday.  The older I get, the less of a big deal I want made about it.

Since I spent my birthday in white scrubs, I thought I would share what I wore today....the day after for labs and lecture at school...

Dress-Old Navy/Jewlery-Charming Charlie, H&M, Black Sheep/Shoes-OTBT via Lori's

This is actually the same outfit i wore on Saturday when I spent the day with my mom for my birthday.  Every year, we spend a day together shopping and having a quiet (no kids) lunch.  This year. after having a great Mexican lunch, we purchased these fun sandals. The brand OTBT is one of my faves...I also have boots and loafers by them.  these sandals are just so comfy and I love the bright color!!

Here is to hoping 37 is going to be a great year!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

You Rock My World...

Again, I pledge my undying love to Target.  Besides the newly expanded grocery section with pretty fair prices, cool and cheap shoes, Target hit the bulls eye again (cheesy, I know) with their new partnership with Lauren Bush and her FEED Collection.

Shirt-Target FEED/Shorts-Old Navy/Shoes-DSW/Jewelry-Nordstrom's, Black Sheep, F21

Above is the baseball T-shirt...I tried to dress it up a bit with the bright longer short, wedges, and chunky jewelry.  This outfit was worn to run errands and carpool was comfy and I love the added height these new wedges give me.

The whole FEED collection in a success in my mind...good quality and reasonably priced.   I also picked up a red t-shirt.  The shirts are so soft...runs a little small, but I love the length, just a bit below the hips.  I am definitely thinking about picking up the denim shirt and maybe a tote bag. 

This is the other t-shirt I was referring to.  I love how it looked with the printed skinnies for a day at school...

Check out the FEED collection he next time you hit up Target...if you are anything like me, it will be sooner than later!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Real MOM Randi Rocks...

This family (there is a husband but he hates the internet) photo is about as real as it gets.  No time to take photos until we get home at 6, hence the of the boys (usually the little one) comes outside to see what I am doing, forgets his shoes, then starts crying (at least he did not lock us out this tome)! So, I am always picking him up and of course, he is not smiling anymore and has a death grip on my shirt... I so love this crazy life with my boys!!

On the fashion front...just basic shirts an a t-shirt for a long day at school.  I tried dot dress it up a bit with the chunky necklace and wedges...but comfort was key!

On the nursing front...I applied for my first patient care technician job!  We (me and my family) decided that I need to work for a year, after this intensive class this summer to gain my basic certification, so we can keep up with all the bills and I can make sure I am going to enjoy using my new found nursing skills.  After this class ends next month, I can begin working as a patient care tech in hospitals.  This job I applied for is in oncology, which is what I plan on concentrating in in school, so it would be perfect...but I am trying not to get my hopes up too is only my first application...I am just so excited at the prospect of it!!