Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am fully in denial that tomorrow is

Worn to work Wednesday, November 30

 Dress-Calvin Klein/Boots, necklace, cardigan-LOFT

I wake up (still tired)...shower...dress the boys...make drop off #1...long drop off #2...long up boys...long drive...homework/dinner/bath/TV...sleep  REPEAT!!   
Welcome to my week...enjoy the ride!

This dress is an easy go to when I need to look professional...had a big meeting today.  The black/brown animal print and nipped in waist take this sheath dress perfect for a meeting, but still showing my fun personal style.  

Ok...time to finish my day and go to starts again at the beginning...sooner than I would like!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Wind In The Willows...

Worn to work Tuesday, November 29

Skirt-Old Navy/Shirt-Madewell/sweater-Gap/Jewelry-Jcrew, Shopbop, Bauble Bar, Hot Mama

"I am cold"...first thing I said this morning when I woke up....this is the thought I based my whole outfit and day around.  Our bedroom is an attic room above a non-insulated porch which makes it about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the I layered...with faux fur.  My favorite denim shirt and this fantastically warm sweater vest and cordory skirt...layered bracelets, shiny necklace, earrings and I was ready to go...all warm and toasty.

I was so darn windy here today in Chicago.  My office is right on the lake and the wind was so strong I could barely walk across the street.  While I was sitting in my car in the parking lot, procrastinating going into the office, I heard a loud noise and felt the car shake...I thought someone had hit my car, but it was just a really strong gust of wind...scared the crap out of me!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Back To The Grind...

It was so nice to have three days off...I had time to just relax which has hopefully helped to kill this cold/cough thingy I have lingering.  Also this long weekend afforded me time to get back into my workout schedule...I am so sore, but in a good way.

Worn to work Monday, November 28

Skirt-Old Navy/Sweater-Fox's/Shoes-Bass/t-neck-Gap/Bag-Coach

So, looking at these photos, I think the sweater might be a bit too bulky...oh, well...I tried...
Since the sweater was slouchy with the wide neck, I tried to de-80's-ify the outfit with my oxfords.

Since I hate crowds, I did not participate in Black Friday.  But Friday night, an hour before closing, me and my mom did hit up the outlet mall for a few things.  The crowds had died down but the sales were still great.  At Coach, I purchased little wristlets for my sons teachers, and the above blue bag for the mix of textures and the fun color.  Right now I am in a phase when I like to carry around only the necessities in a smaller bag that I can wear on my shoulder or cross-body.  With all the running around I have been doing, a smaller bag just make things easier. The only other purchases I made was at Jcrew outlet.  Just a plaid button down, two tank tops, and a leopard iphone cover.  I know I was on a spending freeze, but I received some holiday money that I decided to spend on myself.  I also plan to spend some more on a few Cyber Monday sales.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun...

Scenes from my Thanksgiving...

Jack had a Thanksgiving feast at school...he was very excited about being a pilgrim.

 Our dinner table...Alex made the centerpiece at school...he told everyone about it!

 Just one plate of many Thanksgiving cookies that were eaten before and after dinner...

 I wore my favorite sweater dress to dinner...comfy and lots of room for my favorite mashed potatoes and green bean casserole...

Nana + Jack = Best Friends

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Enough Already...

I cannot stop coughing...ahhhh!!!

Worn to work Monday, November 21

Pants-Gap/Cardigan-LOFT/Shirt-Missoni for Target/Jewelry-Black Sheep

I just realized that I always wear this Missoni for Target top with a red cardi...I love the combo of black and white with the red to add life.  The next time I style this top, I should pair it with a bottom in some other color than black and maybe a plum or green cardi...hmmmm....

Worn to work Tuesday, November 22

Skirt-Anthropologie/Cardi-Jcrew/Booties-Report/Bracelet, Earrings-Presence

I am so obsessed with these new booties...they are comfy and cute!  I love them with skirts and dresses, but I also wore them with skinny jeans this weekend and they were perfect.  This skirt is also so perfect because the pattern consists of both black and shades of brown, so I can style it with so many things.  Tuesday's combo of the black tights, brown booties, black tank, and yellowish, brownish cardi work so well together.  This cardi is kind of different...the zipper goes all the way around...up the front and around the collar...

This cough/cold that has invaded my body is now taking up permanent residence and I want to evict it!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Just a snippet of the last few days...

 Lots of running around on Friday...Loving my new booties with skinny jeans and layers...chunky sweater...long scarf!

The wedding Saturday was the most fun I have had in a long time.  I went with the short dress...nude with lace overlay...chunky ring...sparkly arm candy.  I have to admit...I looked hot!  Lots of dancing with good friends!

Sunday I just stayed in my pajamas all day and veged out on the couch and watched football...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Getting Cold In Here...

Worn to work Thursday, November 17

Skirt-Nordstrom's/Sweater, boots-Loft/Jewelry-Presence, BR, Black Sheep

So,  I guess it is officially fall changing into winter.  It was 28degrees then I left the house this morning and it never reached higher then 35 all day.  I don't hate the winter and the cold like a lot of people, I just really was not prepared for it this morning.  The boys have new winter coats, gloves and hats, but I am not quite sure where my winter coat went... I must find it before I freeze my but off!!
I am really looking forward to Friday and this weekend...Sarah's big wedding is tomorrow night and I am freakishly excited to get all dressed up and dance and drink the night away with my hubby and my friends.  But, I am still not sure what dress I am going to wear, I have a feeling it is going to be a last minute, must leave the house now, decision...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kleenex Is My Friend...

Worn to Work Wednesday, November 16

Skirt-LOFT/Cardigan-Banana Republic/Necklace-Francesca's/Bracelets-Bauble Bar, Street Vendor/Booties-Report

I am very proud of myself...with all the coupons floating around this week, I have not made any unnecessary purchases.  I was tempted, but managed to control myself!  I ordered the booties  am wearing today before I decided to slow my roll with the shopping... Love these new brown booties...
so comfy with a small heel!

I don't really have anything witty, or even boring to say today due to the fact that I have a massive head cold and thinking hurts...even breathing hurts. The cold, I am sure I got it from one of my kids, has traveled into my eyes...hence the glasses...and down into my throat.  I am just feeling overall messy, crappy, yucky, snotty...blah!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jack On The Job...

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of my staff at the office...he types very well, though his spelling leaves a bit to be desired.

Darn those public schools...they have so many days off.  So, what is a two working parent household to do...take your kid to work...good thing I work for a family company!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Layer Cakes Are Delicious...

I am determined to keep trying this layering thing.  Maybe it is because I have no desire to start wearing my heavy winter coat I throw on another layer that I can then take of when I start sweating like usual.  Or, maybe it is the fact that I always wanted to be able to wear layers without looking too bulky and never could because of the big boobs...but now things actually fit over them!!

Dress, belt-Target/shirt-Madewell/Vest-Kensie/Boots-Loft/Jewelry-Bauble Bar, Nordstroms, Black sheep

This outfit was styled around my new fuzzy vest from Ideelli. As soon as it arrived, I knew I wanted to wear it with one of my favorite flowey dress.  Then, since the dress sleeves are elbow length, I decided the denim shirt could serve as another layer under the vest to keep me warm.  I have seen the layers over a dress look in so many magazines and catalogs and thought if they can do it, I can look cool in my layers too! 
I love how this outfit turned out...

Dress-Macy's/Shoes-Williams/Jewelry-Black Sheep, Target/Turtleneck-Gap

I bought this dress on super sale at Macy's a few weeks ago.  While planning my outfit Wednesday night, I decided on this sweater dress for Thursday.  Then, I tried it on and realized I had one was short sleeved...  Problem solved...I decided to layer under with a thin turtleneck.  I have always been a fan of turtlenecks...not sure why!  Love the color peeking out from the sleeves and neckline.  But, about halfway though the day, I caught a glimpse of my backside in the mirror and realized that this dress is a bit maybe next time I will ad another layer...leggings!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Watch Mom Work...

Worn to work Wednesday, November 9

Blazer-Old Navy/Skirt-Gap/Boots-Loft/Jewelry-H&M, Banana Republic

 Worn to work Monday, November 7

Skirt-H&M/Sweater-Loft/Shoes-Steve Madden/Jewelry-BaubleBar, Jewelmint

Reality...this is my standard work wear...nothing real earth shattering, but I try to be real.  I hate to admit this, but I went through my closet last night, I realized there is not much I "need" for my fall and winter wardrobe.  I am still on the hunt for a camel pencil skirt, black cardigan and a white button up shirt...I think I am pretty good besides that.  Since my clothing budget is not what it used to be, I think unnecessary and mindless clothes shopping will be coming to a halt...never thought I would say that.  I have no rules, but I am tightening the purse strings for awhile...unless I "need" it, it stays at the store!

I have a meeting tonight at Jack's school to talk about the reading program.  For some reason, I always feel like an impostor at those meetings.  Like I am playing dress up and pretending to fit is sort of an out of body experience...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Barney Has Got Nothing On Me!

Hey Everybody,'s colored tights time.

Dress-Martin & Osa/Boots-Kennth Cole/Tights-Gap/Belt-UO

Every time I look down at my legs all I can think of is Barney.  For those of you without kids, he is a large purple dinosaur with way too many under aged friends who like to sing about loving and hugging you... I guess I just find him creepy.  Thank god my kids weren't into him for very long...I could barely keep a straight face when he started singing!

So, in preparation for this Everybody, Everywhere, I dug through my enormous mound of tights in my closet and only could find black, multiple shades of brown and gray...not very colorful.  So, I popped into the Gap on my way last night and picked up these purple ones.  With my $10 rewards, they were only $2... I put an outfit together around them together last night but, it looks nothing like the outfit I currently have on.  I tried them with a patterned skirt and blazer, but I felt the loud color was too much with the pattern.  So, I opted to go with this neutral denim shirt dress I found in the back of my closet.  I was planning to wear black wedge booties, but since there is a monsoon going on outside right now... rain boots it is!

Go see what color everybody's legs are today...
Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wrap Me Up...


I Have never really been into faux fun, but I think this vest has changed my comfy and warm.

I tend to dress around a general theme each season and I have found my muse for this fall...Vests layered with shirts...never thought I would love that look, especially on me...but I have fallen in love! 
I think I am so excited by it because I can actually wear button up shirts...woo hoo.  I just ordered two vests...I cannot wait until they arrive so I can style them up!  I am thinking button up shirts, turtle necks, dresses..the possibilities are endless...

It has been a rough week for me.  I wanted to thank everyone who has tried to make me feel have no idea how much it means to me.