Monday, April 29, 2013

Mad Man in a Spaceship...

On Saturday, I went to C2E2...Chicago's answer to Comic Con.  I freely admit I have many geek like tendencies...I love science fiction tv shows and movies, with my specialities being Star Wars (the originals, of course) and I am a complete Whovian (Doctor Who geek), so conventions like these are just a giant playground for me...I love being amongst people who embrace my love for the Doctor and other things alien...

Bonding with R2D2

Stormtroopers to the rescue!

 Creators of Ben of my boys favorites

I had such a fun time at C2E2...Some my highlights include the Patton Oswalt panel...he was so freaking funny, loved his opinion on the original Star Wars.  Fierce females in Television...Marti Noxon, writer of such shows as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Once Upon a Time, Torchwood and the award winning Husbands web series.  It was so amazing to hear how she climbed to the top in a male dominated field.  Of course, I also really loved all the Doctor Who displays, Star Wars toys and the fun people many crazy costumes. 

I wanted to be comfy, but still stylish for the long day.  Skinny jeans, layers and flats were perfect for walking the floor.  But the end of the feet were so sore and swollen, just walking the long hike to the car was a painful challenge. 

All in all, I had such a geek-tastic time.  I cannot wait for the next convention in August!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello Sweetie...

Wednesday I had a easy photo shoot of corporate head shots booked for the few hours while Alex was in school.  But, at the last minute, I realized he was off of school for conferences.  So, Alex was very excited to play my photo assistant for the afternoon...

 Alex was very helpful steaming the backdrop for me....

Pants-Target/Sweater-The Limited/Shoes-Kenneth Cole/Jewelry-BaubleBar, Old Navy, Fox's

I knew it was going to me a long day...bringing Alex with is always exhausting, his definition of being helpful is questionable...carpool...errands... so, I decided to go with comfy colored jeans and colorful sweater.  To add some spring color, I went with my green loafers over the usual leopard ones I wear with this outfit.  I topped it all off with my new Bauble Bar necklace.  It was a present to myself for getting into the summer nursing program...I love how chunky it is!!

I am looking forward to a busy next few days.  Friday night I am shooting my first live show with my music client...I am so excited!! I plan to send Saturday geeking out at C2E2 Comic-Con in the city.  I love being able to let my inner geek out to play.  Then on Sunday, my niece is being confirmed, so I am dressing up the boys so they can go hang out with all the cousins.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Letter Of The Day is P

Patterned pants are pounds of perfection...

Pants, Sweatshirt-Gap/Shoes-Bass/Jewelry-Old Navy, Baublebar, F21

Pants-Gap/Top-Zara/Shoes-Old Navy Jewelry-H&M, F21, JCrew, House of Harlow

These Gap 1969 legging skimmers are perfection.  I admit...I have three printed pairs!!  The have a higher waist...low waists are not this mothers friend, plus the new skimmer length is a perfect fit for a short gal like me.  It also helps that they are lightweight, comfy, stretchy...great for running around with the kids or dressing up with heels for a casual meeting or a night out.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Raining In The House...

Oh pencil skirt and blazer....oh, how I miss having a reason to wear you...

 Skirt-LOFT/Blazer-Gap/Shirt-Missoni for Target/Loafers-Kenneth Cole/Jewelry-Target, Black Sheep, Accents Plus

I wore this outfit on Tuesday for a photo shoot at one of my old clients restaurants.  The shoot its self was an epic fail, but at least I looked professional!  No fail on my part, but the room was not ready and the set up was delayed, then cancelled.  Well, since I already had someone to watch Alex all day,  I ran some errands, had a nice lunch and then lounged around the house watching the new SyFy show Defiance.  It was so nice to be able to have lunch alone and be able to watch a full tv show with no interruptions from little men!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Warm weather would nice, but as long as the rain finally stops and the ground dries I will be a happy lady.  We have had some horrible flooding around here...the streets, our yard and our basement.  It was so bad Thursday, they cancelled school and we were stuck inside all day...the boys were going a bit stir crazy...  Here is to hoping we can spend some time outside enjoying a few dry spring days

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Blisters Have Blisters...

Worn Monday, April 15

Jeans, Handbag-Target/Sweater, Flats-Old Navy/Jewelry-F21, Black Sheep, Shopbop

This outfit was styled out of a necessity for comfort for a day of errands and carpool. 

 The one important part of this outfit you cannot see is my toes and the bottoms of my feet.  You might be wondering why this is significant...that each toe has a blister and they are extremely whole body is sore.  All my body aches are for a good reason.  Yesterday was my longest training walk yet, 8 miles, for the Avon 2-Day Walk For Breast Cancer I will be participating in June 1st and 2nd.  I will be walking a total of 27 miles over the course of two days...saying it out loud like that does not make it sound as bad as my poor throbbing toes think it is.  I think I am in pretty good shape...I work out 3 or 4 times per week...3 miles of intervals on the treadmill, followed by an hour of weights on two of the days.  But, the walking at 15:30 minute mile pace, for 8 miles is exhausting....I a can only imagine how "fun" 13 miles per day is going to be.
It is all worth it...the money I raise will be managed and disbursed by the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade to help provide access to care for those who most need it fund educational programs and accelerate research into new treatments and potential cures. who will walk up to 39.3 miles over I know I talk about it a lot, but, breast cancer prevention is a issue that is near and dear to my heart, and should be important to all women out there! My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and again in 2002. Then in 2003, it was determined that I had the BRCA1 genetic mutation. In 2010, at age 34, I had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. I am a previvor....for me,  my mom, and my sons!!

I hate to admit this, but I am behind on my fundraising.  I signed up for the walk a few months ago and have been preoccupied by the job search, the subsequent nursing school applications/admittance and the daily joys of my two little men to focus on my fundraising, so now I am doing a big push...mailing out letters and emails.  I cannot realistically send a letter to all of my blog friends asking for help, but I would be honored if you could donate anything...even just a dollar...I hate asking you all, but it is for a good cause!!

Just check out my fundraising page!!

Thanks...I appreciate any support you can give...the blisters on my feel also appreciate your support!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finger Toes Are Fabulous...

Just some casual styles I have been rocking this week.

Monday...errands...treated myself to a pedicure...hopefully mother nature will cooperate and my feel will feel the suns rays on a regular basis...

Jeans-Gap/tshirt-LOFT/denim shirt-Madewell/Shoes-Kenneth Cole/Jewelry-Accents Plus, Old Navy, Nordstom's

My and my fabulous finger toes...

Wednesday of errands and doctor's appointments...shots and physical for school (wow that sounds weird to say)

Top-Old Navy/Jeans-Wit & Wisdom/Shoes-Bass/Bag-DSW/Jewelry-Jcrew, craft show, F21

A few little things about this outfit...
Oh my gosh was it cold...41degrees in least there was no snow.  Two days earlier, when I wore the first outfit it was 60 degrees!! The leather bracelet in the last photo, my mother bought for me this morning at a craft bazaar.  I love jewelery with good luck and protection symbols like the hamsa hand and evil eye.  Also, there is nothing like a fun stack of neon print bracelets to perk up an outfit! And finally, a DSW steal...a new little pink purse for days when I just don't fell like lugging around my whole life in my big mint tote!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

It Is Only Just The Beginning...

So...I am going back to school...I applied and have been accepted... On May 28, I start the first leg of my journey to become a nurse. 
If you follow me on instagram or twitter (if you don't, you are missing out) you will remember me trying to decide what to wear last week for school interviews...for two nursing schools.  I wanted to dress professionally, but still show some of my personality through my outfit... I must have tried on 5 or 6 different outfits before I settled on this one...

Pants-Gap/Blazer-Target/Shoes-Kenneth Cole/Jewelry-Girlshop, Old Navy, H&M

The decision to go back to school was not a small one, for me, or my family. After these last few months of not working, I felt there was a giant void that I needed to fill.  I had to stop the echoing of all my fears an neurosis that had been lounging around. I felt like I had this opportunity in front of me to try something new... I had been going to school for or working in TV production and advertising since 1995 and now there was this chance to start a new path... When I was a kid, I always said that work-wise I never wanted to buy something or sell something, I wanted to do things for people...all my bright eyed optimism as a child was amazing.  So, I have decided nursing school is my journey with a stop at CNA...then LPN...and finally RN....the trip should take about 2 1/2

On Friday, I had an interview and placement testing for the summer Basic Nurse Assistant Training Program, the first step for schooling.  I have not taken a test of any academic sort since 1998, so I was a little nervous about the math and science portion of the entrance exam...but no worries, I passed and was accepted!  I am just giddy thinking about what the future holds... I am just so excited to go back to school and learn...

What I wore for my interview and testing

  Pants, blazer-Gap/Shirt-LOFT, Shoes-Akira/Jewelry-Old Navy, Macy's, F21

I know it is going to be hard...going to school, taking and picking up the boys from school, studying and finding time to breath, but I know that this is the right thing to do.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring, Where Art Thou...

No more socks...that's it!  It is spring and the darn weather should be warmer.  My feet are sick of being covered up and want their freedom!

Jeans-Wit & Wisdom/denim shirt, t-shirt-Old Navy/Shoes-Minnetonka/Jewelry-H&M, Black Sheep, JCrew

40 degrees call for no socks...right?? Well, 40 degrees on April 3 definitely calls for no socks...and a call to mother nature because she must be pretty pissed to be jilted by spring like this!
Today was just a casual day of a play date and carpool, so I wanted to be comfy, but still stylish.  This friend of Alex's mom is one of my favorites to hang out with.  Alex loves her son, she is actually older than me, she is totally relaxed and funny and she is a of course I asked her all the questions that have bee floating around in my brain since my interviews.

In honor of Doctor Who being back, I present you with this...

And, in case you wondered why I actually get dressed everyday...