Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trendy Tot Tuesday...Alex Style

Today is Tuesday...Trendy Tot Tuesday.  The mom's from around the blogosphere, led by the wonderful Kim and her adorable S of Fashion Momma and Andrea of Peanut Butter Hand Print, show their little people's style.  Alex just loves to have has picture taken.  When we were at the DMV, he cried when the man wouldn't take his picture too...his would have probably turned out much better than mine did!  I took Alex's photo today in front of his cubby at school.

Alex likes to pick out his own clothes.  He chose this shirt today because "Jack has a colorful one too"... He always wants to dress like his brother.  Then he insisted on jeans, "no soft pants"...that is what the boys call jogging or warm-up type pants.  
I think my baby boy has great style!

My outfit post to come soon...stay tuned!


Rebecca said...

He's a stylish little guy!

Anonymous said...

He is so precious! And I'm jealous that he's already wanting to choose his own clothes. I'm wondering when Little S. will want to have a say... Right now, she just has a strong opinion on tights. :)

Anonymous said...

I looove tie dyed shirts! Is it just me or is this Bears themed tie dye? Looking good, little dude!

Tara said...

He is so adorable! I love that he likes to pose for his pictures :)