Thursday, June 24, 2010

It Is Not Easy Being Green

Nothing like a good tornado warning to spice up an otherwise pleasant day...
So the boys and I spent the afternoon planted on the couch watching Cars for the one millionth time. They finally fell asleep so I decided to watch a "mommy show" (murder, violence, sex) on the TiVo. Just as I get to he best part of Persons Unknown it starts pouring, thundering, and lightening and the power goes out!!! So I restart the Direct tv, which is so slow, and finally get back to my show. Few minutes later I hear a siren, junking it is on tv i ignore it. When it keeps going I begin to realize that it is the tornado warning siren and i look out the window and the sky is an eerie shade of green.... Not good!
So I drag two sleeping kids down the stairs to the basement and proceed to step in a puddle at the bottom the the stairs... The basement flooded and Jack never picked his toys up off the floor to they were all wet.
Needless to say... Yesterday was a very long day....and today is not that much better.

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