Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And now for a visual....

Well here goes nothing....
My first outfit post.

Yesterdays outfit for work
Shoes-Nine West (got them for $19 last year on sale love them!)
Necklace-Taken from my moms closet this morning
Ring-House of Harlow
Right now I am using my iphone camera....so the quality is not that great. I have asked for a new digital camera for my birthday next month, so if all goes well, the pictures will get better. Until I get said camera, my associate Anneitta is being tortured by having to be my photographer. We are going to try to find new fun places for the pictures...not just the office lobby.
I plan to try to post outfit of the day pictures on days when I actually get dressed...nice. The days I work, I dress up, but on the days on am with my kids, I usally never change out of my gym clothes (yoga pants and a tshirt) unless we have somewhere specific to go and I do not consider that park and Target somewhere!
Hope you enjoy!


406 Olivia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcome!
This outfit is great, basic but with those pops of color that make it your own. LOVE

Anonymous said...

Love the dress---here's to great pieces from Target! :)

rlutz said...

love target...now that they sell groceries, I find myself there at least twice a week!

Kelly said...

your bracelets are awesome!