Monday, July 15, 2013

Boys Who Throw Up...

I was hoping for a quiet weekend with me and my boys...well, that did not quite happen...

Saturday, Alex was complaining all morning that his stomach hurt.  I did not worry too much about it, since I know he has a sensitive stomach normally.  Right after we arrived at a family party later that afternoon, I picked Alex up because he was wining and he promptly started to throw up...repeatedly.  Down the front of my my bra...down my side, from ear to foot...even in my hair! To ad insult to injury, one of the cousins came bounding down the stairs and slipped on all the puke and crashed in to the wall!  Needless to say, we promptly cleaned up the mess and turned around and went much for the party!  I was coated and puke and stunk by the time we got home!

Sunday was spent studying for the 4 tests I had on Monday.  The boys love it when I am studying and I explain to them about their anatomy.  Yesterday, it was the parts of the brain and spinal cord...they thought it was so cool to now what parts of their head the thoughts and movement come from.  They love it when I point out the different bones in their body and how they work!

Then, this morning, Alex come running into the bathroom while I am in the shower and screams "Jack is throwing up...I see pieces of pickle from dinner"...crap!  So, I jump out of the shower and clean him up and get ready for school.  As we are walking out the door, all our hands full of backpacks and such...Jack just stops at the front door and pukes again...what a great start to the morning!!

After cleaning more puke and finally getting everyone in the car and on the road, I made it to school just in time for a day of tests.

Skirt-Anthropologie/Top-The Limited/Sandals-Enzo/Jewelry-Black Sheep, Old Navy, Loft, F21

I figured if I was going to be behind a desk or testing in the lab all day, I might as well look good!!


Style Journey said...

It sounds like a doozy of a weekend! Hopefully the boys are feeling better soon. Love this outfit today!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

OMG, that sounds like such a horrible experience with all that puke. I am so so sorry, that must have been so frustrating :(

I thought the story of you explaining to your kids anatomy was cute though!

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness, I HATE stomach bugs. =/ I hope you didn't end up sick too! I hope everyone feels better soon!

I love that cute dress!