Sunday, March 24, 2013

Time And Relative Dimension In Space...

Me...trying not to look too much like the hot mess I am feeling like... There is just not enough coffee or sleep to keep my puffy eyes open lately...


Sweater, shirt-Old Navy/Jeans-Level 99/Shoes-OTBT/Jewelry-Target, Old Navy, Nana


Sweater-The Limited/Jeans-Level 99/Shoes-Target/Jewelery-In God We Trust, H&M

There has just been a lot of running around with boys...and there is no end in sight...spring break has started!  We have many plans this the boys stay home together too long, I am afraid they might kill each other while I hide in the bathroom!

The only thing keeping me from hiding under the bed lately, is the promise of spring.  Just the one or two days of 40 plus degrees is enough to keep me going.  Of course, it could possibly show in the next 24 hours...what the is is end of March!!

Only 6 more days until the Doctor returns...I am pathetically excited to see him!! 


Style Journey said...

Hopefully the weather warms up soon so you and the boys can enjoy the sunshine outdoors! I love the necklace in your second photo. You have great jewelry all the time.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been able to rest lately!! I think you look great in these two outfits though! I especially love the bright pink stripes on the first outfit :)

Heather said...

Aw be nice to yourself, I see no hot messes!!! I love that bright pink striped sweater - perfect to brighten up the day and any mood :)

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