Monday, January 21, 2013

And Then There Were None...

I know I am in a rut (deadly flu, no job or prospects, wild boys) when...

-The only people I have had a conversation with in 4 days are a 4 and 6 year old.

-I just took my gym clothes out of the dirty laundry...and never made it to the gym

-Pajamas to yoga pants is a big step

-I bought a casual coat, since I have no reason to ever dress up.

-Said coat is long and puffy...hiding a multitude of sins

-I dug the leggings out of the closet

-I am just way too excited about discovering a new burrito joint in the neighborhood...happiest I have  been all week

-I am yearning to have a meeting to go to or a document to proofread

Onward and upward!


Style Journey said...

It will get better, I promise! Going from working mom to SAHM has to be an adjustment. With or without anywhere to go, I get excited for anything related to food to open up :) Keep your chin up! Heather

Rebecca said...

Sorry that you're having a tough time. A comfortable long coat is a good purchase when it is cold, and you sound like you've earned some time to relax in comfy clothes.

Heather said...

To that I say, IT'S OK! We all need days of nothing... and I say go get yourself something sparkly - sometimes faking it till ya make it is enough :) Loves :)

Pearls & Paws

Carly said...

ah, thinking of you...ruts are the worst..I was in a HUGE one before I started this blog after I had Connor...infact it is the REASON I started this blog.
It will definitely get better...
If it makes you feel any better I found an AWESOME burrito and it was the highlight of my week too!

dajana, all kinds of lovely said...

Sending rut-ending hugs your way, Randi!

p.s. I think discovering a new burrito joint is something to get excited about. Y'know how I feel about good food (;

Heather said...

The bow tie detail is darling - love that sweater! I usually get out of ruts when I step away from social media for awhile - maybe that will help?

Pearls & Paws