Monday, January 28, 2013

Off We Go...

Time for a trip...

At Alex's school, the culmination of the unit on Isreal, was a faux trip to Isreal.  The kids brought their suitcases, made passports and plane tickets and boarded a room all made up like an plane...with seat assignments, in-flight snacks and flight attendants.  Then we embarked into a room decked out with stations of different areas and locations in Isreal.

Planting a tree for Tu'Bish Vat.  We got to bring the tree home.  Alex wants to plant it in the back yard this weekend!

Alex taking care of the patient at Hadassah Hospital.  He gave me a shot!

Ringing up groceries at the Shouk Market

Playing at the beach in Elat

Alex and I had so much fun on our "trip" to Isreal!  It was the closest thing I will get to a vacation any time soon.

On the fashion front... what  I wore for a wet and muddy Monday

Jeans-Wit and Wisdom/Shirt-Gap/Boots-Bogs/Jewelry-F21, H&M, Lori's

My rubber boots are slightly loud...but I love them...such a fun color and they keep my feet dry...they go so well with the purple and blue horses and my shirt!!

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Rebecca said...

Your rubber boots look bright and fun, and perfect for a wet Monday.

Style Journey said...

Aww! I bet Alex had a blast having his mommy with him :) Your boots are perfect for a rainy day! Heather

Mimi said...

So cute that they did that liitle "trip!" Love the shoes, very edgy;)

Aesthetic Lounge

Heather said...

Oh I love those bright colors on you!

Pearls & Paws

LyddieGal said...

welp, these kids officially know more about Israel than I do.
Chic on the Cheap