Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sweaty Mc Sweats A Lot Goes To Work!

Too hot out Friday morning...I just wanted to put on something light...airy...cotton...something that I won't sweat through on my way to the car...

Skirt-Old Navy/Top, Shoes, Ring-Target/Bag, bracelet-H&M/Earrings-Francesca's

I hate wearing my hair up.  Something about having it all pulled back makes me feel if there is nothing on my head/face, there is nothing to balance out my body...weird, I know I am !!  I only wear my hair up in photos if it is just way too hot for anything else or it is so greasy from not washing it that I cannot stand to have it near my skin.  At home, I only wear it up when I am really hot, working out, or washing my face...again...weird!!

Stay tuned for details from my birthday birthday is actually tomorrow, so more fun is on it's way!!


Callie said...

There is nothing fun about getting dressed when it's that hot out. But this outfit is truly adorable! I love the bird print top and those bright flats are darling. You look wonderful with your hair up or down - but I understand about the "balancing" act of having it down. I know I've thought the same thing before. Hope you are surviving the heat!


Shea said...

Your title cracked me up! I totally understand, it's been way too hot here too. My hair's been too short to put up for a long time, but now it's just barely getting long enough. I'm not used to the way it looks on me either though!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Cute outfit for a hot summer day. Yeah, I know what you mean about having your hair up. A lot of times I feel that my face looks rounder and fatter when my hair is up, but with Panama's hot humid weather sometimes I have to tie it up to survive!! Hahaha. Oh, tomorrow is your birthdya?!?! Yai!!! Happy birthday!!

Tiffany said...

Eesh, I know it. The heat and humidity lately has been brutal. I love the peeps of yellow in the outfit. So cute! And I hope your birthday was great!!

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