Monday, July 23, 2012


Every August, the church across the street from our house holds German Fest...a giant, loud, pain in my butt carnival.  I say pain because our street gets so packed with cars that it makes it difficult to navigate out of our driveway and the really loud rock music plays until midnight...I can hear it clearly from my bedroom.  But, the boys love the carnival.  They get to see it going up all week and all the people walking down the street to the fun.  So, on the final Sunday, we always take them across the street for some fun of their own. 

This year, the boys wanted to go on the ferris wheel... Since there was barely a belt to keep the kids in the seat, I "opted" to go with them.  I must day, I don't remember ferris wheels going so fast as a kid!  If the kids leaned too far forward in the seat, I was sure we were going to fall out!!

View from above

My boys love cars...anything to do with cars... So, every year, they like to go on the car ride.  Not realizing it, I have taken a photo of them every year on this ride...

2010-Jack...Alex was too little to ride.  It is amazing how young Jack looks!

2011 Jack

 2011 Alex

2012 Jack and Alex

 Boys will never get too old for cars....


Diana S.T. said...

love your blog name.... I´m a mummy too, I understand you LOL! I just found your blog, please come visit my blog and if you like it let me know so we can follow each other ok!

Mimi said...

So cute in their cars! Funny our friiends lived across the street from a church who had no parking and they could never back out either! I guessits hard to get mad at an organization that does so much good:)

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Tiffany said...

Awww, I love the little flashback! The boys are just adorable!

I'd never survive with that festival just down the street though. Eesh. We're like little old people in our house and just the neighbor's dog barking after 9:00 ticks us off. lol

The Closet Shopper said...

That looks like fun!