Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So What Wednesdays

So kiddos it is that time again...time for So What Wednesdays.  Shannon from Life after I "Dew" lets it all out...and I love to join in...
-So what if I want it now... Nothing wrong with some instant gratification

-So what if I am thinking about doing the surgery in the next two weeks...(see above) instead of waiting
  until after vacation

-So what if I have the babysitter stay for an extra hour tomorrow while I go on a job application
  binge... I need a pedicure

-So what if I again ate Mexican three times his week already... Guacamole is a good fat!

-So I have bought 5 pairs of pants in the last week and returned all of them...pants are least on
  my body!
 Thanks for letting me vent...I needed that


Rebecca said...

Your dog is adorable.

Mimi said...

Guacamole rocks and yes,,,it good fat, I agree whole heartedly!!! Thanks for the compliment on my made my day!! My web site for my jewelry line is coming soon...I'll post about it once its up and running:)

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Kelly said...

I have to agree with your comment about pants being evil! I used to wear pants all of the time, but now that I look back, I think they were all ill fitting!!! It's tricky finding ones that fit well.