Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What...No Snow Day? Put on your boots and lets go...!

Worn to Work Tuesday, January 11

 Skirt-Old Navy/Shirt-ATL/Sweater-Nordstroms/Boots-Sorel/Jewelry-Macy's, F21

Saying I wore this outfit to work might be a small exaggeration....not much work was actually done by me today.  Woke up half hour late thinking it would be a quick ride to school, traffic had been so light lately and I only had to take one boy...WRONG.  The one boy I did have was wheezing and coughing...and as I was going downstairs to call the pediatrician, I noticed all the fluffy white crap outside...covering my car!!  So, instead of going to school then work, we dragged our snowy selves to the doctor...then to my office. Having Alex at the office with me is no way to get anything accomplished...he likes to sit in my chair and spin while flinging paperclips...fun!! About lunch time...Alex had decided he was hungry earlier and ate what I brought for myself for lunch...I dropped him off at the Nanny Granny with plans to actually accomplish something... did not really work! So, after waiting in line at Panera forever and getting stuck in traffic on the poorly plowed Chicago streets, I finally was able to get some work done...a little.  I am dreading the drive home...two whiny kids...in the traffic...in the blowing snow!!


Lydia Marie said...

I really like the necklace! And have a safe drive in the snow!

Shopping and Spreadsheets

Jessica said...

I love adding Sorels to a fab outfit!

I'm surprised that Chicago streets aren't plowed well, I'm in Madison, Wis. and our streets were barely plowed yesterday morning too. You'd think they'd figure out a better system since this happens every year!

Rebecca said...

The streets in the Twin Cities are awful right now. Your snow boots are super cute.

Fashion Therapist said...

Oooh I like your Sorels!!! :)