Thursday, January 6, 2011

New to You...New to Me...

Worn to Work Thursday, January 6

This is how getting dressed this morning black tights clean...throw on the brown ones...brown corduroy skirt first skirt saw in closet...ruffly tank to girlie it up...brown belt found on the floor to tone the sparkly ruffles down...oh, wait no heat in the office, grab the nearest cardigan...brown boots closest to the to school drop off and work! whew!

So likey the new blog look? I LOVE it!  I owe all the beauty of my blog to Kimmie of
Blue Paper Lanterns...she is wonderful.  Not only did she do the great work so quickly, she also had the patience to deal with my many HTML illiterate questions.   Go visit her!

I need more coffee stat!


Natasha said...

haha..I love how this outfit came to be!!
It looks great!

Tara said...

I want that blouse! I love the outfit, and I'm impressed with how easily it came together for last minute outfits usually involve something like jeans out of the laundry hamper or something.

I am a big fan of the new look on the blog. Kimmie does such a great job, I may just have to have her do a redesign for me, too!

sartoriography said...

I love how you made this sparkly blouse look work-appropriate. It is so great mixed with these other piece and the total outfit comes out seeming so funky and awesome.

And I DO love the new blog look! It's very fresh and streamlined.

Molly said...

Your blog makeover looks fantastic! And I love the leopard print bracelet. Super cute.

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

Meredith said...

fun blog makeover. yay girl! :)

Andrea said...

Kimmie rocks, right?!? The new look is GREAT!