Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Clashing Issues

Worn to Work Tuesday, December 14

I love this outfit today...I feel festive and sexy...an odd combination. The tights are ribbed and I did not realize it until I got to the office, oops! I think this dress is a very versatile addition to my wardrobe. This winter I plan to wear it with cardigans (obviously), blazers a crew neck sweater, and various belts. It can also be worn during the summer with bare legs and sandals. Plus, I bought it at 40% off. Thanks to all the other bloggers out there, I am now wanting to find ways to remix items in my wardrobe. Also, when buying new things, I first think about how many different things I already have in my closet to wear it with. So, thanks everyone.


Tara said...

Please come to my house and teach me how to wear colors and patterns! I love the jacket from yesterday, and the dress from today. I've worn some combination of black and gray for two days in a row!

Lydia Marie said...

Love the dress! I love when I find super versatile pieces like that.

Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping in girl! i love to talk to other moms about fashion and little boys that won't keep their clothes on!! ;) hahah!
Yours Mine and Ours

Goose said...

Festive and sexy it is!! Way to make a sexy lacy frock work appropriate!

LyddieGal said...

I love that lace dress! I was coveting it in the store the other day... so pretty.

And it looks wonderful with bright red, perfect for any holiday parties!

Chic on the Cheap

The Suburb Experiment said...

Finally getting caught on my blogs! :) That is a cute dress, and nice that it's so versatile. I've been thinking about doing the 30 for 30 next time it rolls around, I was so inspired by others' remixing too!