Monday, December 13, 2010

Loud Noises

Worn to Work Monday, December 13

Skirt-Fox's/Blazer Mac & Jac/t-shirt-BR outlet/Boots-ATL

I must have tried on everything in my closet this morning before walking out of the house in this loud pattern outfit. My closet does not have any heating vents, so it was pretty chilly in there this morning, so I was thinking of layering for the cold. I tried every blazer with this lace skirt and just pulled this one out because Alex had knocked it off the hanger and it was sitting on the floor.I thought I looked pretty crappy when I walked out of the house, but on my way to work this outfit grew on I like it! Not sure if you can tell, but the blazer is plaid...obviously, skirt lace, and the tights are thick sweater ribbed.
It has just become way too cold to take pictures outside. By the time I set up my tripod, I am freezing and usually cannot feel my fingers. But, I have yet to master the art of taking pictures in the fluorescent lights of the building hallway.
Strangely, i am happy it is Monday...After the massive debacle that last week was, I feel like today is a new start.
Something to make smiles...


Anonymous said...

Love the hair, blazer, and adorable smile! :) And it is DEFINITELY too cold for outside pictures. I know I SOMEHOW did them quite a bit last year...but ugh. I might be an indoor girl this time around.

Meredith said...

oh too cute!! you and your little one. my kid is almost 18 months and i CAN NOT believe how fast it goes by. sigh. and yet, i love the stage we're at right now too. you know? ;)

Collette Osuna said...

FAB jacket and your outfit:)

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