Thursday, November 11, 2010

Silk+throw up=LBD

Worn November 11


So,I had this work party Wednesday night and I had my outfit all planned out. We got home from school, the boys napped, and I put on a silk plum wrap dress that I had been dying to wear. As I am about to put on my heels, I hear screaming downstairs. I go running down to the family room, slip on the stairs and run my tights, to find Jack screaming and covered in throw up...him and the couch and the floor!!
So I scoop him up and carry him in the bathroom, change his clothes and clean the couch and floor. Once everyone is calm, clean and cozy with blankets, juice and a bucket, on the couch, I realize my new silk dress is covered in throw up...I run upstairs and pull out my trusty LBD that I bought at Ann Taylor Loft about 3 years ago for $10. Then I noticed lace patterned tights that I bought on a whim for $4 at Target and had not had the guts to wear and I threw them on with the black booties that were in the front of the closet. I have never worn patterned tights or booties with a dress or skirt...but I thought this was a perfect opportunity to try something new...I think it worked.

Pardon the dark pictures...I took them on the way home from the party at about midnight..I am sure the people walking by were wondering what that girl was doing setting up her tripod and taking pictures on the side of the street.


The Suburb Experiment said...

It totally works! Isn't it funny that some of the "rushed" outfits turn out to be the awesomest? I think for me it's because I'm just grabbing and not overanalyzing!

Sarah (Oh Pretty Day) said...

You got a dress at Loft for $10?? Wow! Great deal!! The outfit turned out great!

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I think it worked too! Love your ring.

xoxo, Ashley

Judy said...

love that ring!