Sunday, November 14, 2010

Product Rave

No, none has ever sent me a product to review...I guess I am not "big" enough...
But, I would like to rave about a flattening iron I purchased recently. First off, I have naturally coarse corkscrew curly hair. I have been straightening it since college...about a decade or so. I never wanted to splurge on a "fancy" flattening iron, so I always used a mid range tool from the local drug store. They have always worked fairly well, but have never lasted very long, I am pretty tough on them.
So, I recently went to Ulta to invest in a "fancy" flattening iron. There was such a selection of tools, I was lost. The wonderful sales person helped me decipher which one would work the best with my hair. Thanks to the ultra helpful people at Ulta, I ended up purchasing the Rusk Professional Ceramic Str8 and I think it might just change my life...or just my hair!
The next morning I went to straighten my hair and my new flattening iron made the job a lot easier and quicker. Instead of having to run the iron through my hair twice or more, one pass and my hair was smooth and straight, I know this is very vain, but my hair is important to me and when my hair looks good, I seem to have a good day!
Thank you Rusk and Ulta...I thank you and my hair thanks you!

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Sarah (Oh Pretty Day) said...

I have never heard of that brand, I will have to check it out! I don't know what I used to do in the days when I didn't have a good flat iron!