Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does this Wound Vac Match My Eyes

So, I had the second surgery on Friday, and they put a sponge in the wound in my stomach attached to tubing that comes out my side and attaches to a little machine that I have to carry around...what a freaking pain. TO ad insult to injury, the machine makes a sucking and gurgling noise...here comes the freak walking down the street!

Skirt-Old Navy
Tank Top-Old Navy
Sweater-Banana Republic
Boots-Old Navy
bag/wound vac-c/o highland Park Hospital

My camera is being temperamental, so I had to take the outfit pics with my iphone...not the greatest quality. I was not prepared for the temperatures to drop here, so I only have sandals here at my mom's house. I just picked up these boots at Old Navy last week, and I have been wearing them ever since..love them. I do love this nice fall weather we are having...I cannot wait until the swelling in my abdomen goes down so I can wear skinny jeans with boots, layered tops and sweaters....I dare to dream. Now that I am up and be active everyday, I am going to try to take outfit pics. Hopefully I can coax my camera out of its depression soon so I wont have to take pics with my iphone.

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hillary said...

Oh sweetheart I hope you get 100% quick. It's nice to see your face again. Thinking about you.