Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Toys

So, I never used to be one of those people that was into technological gadgets...that was until I bought my iphone! I can pretty much do everything from it and are rarely without it. I can be at the park or in the car and I can be doing work, checking email, playing games, using the calendar to make an attempt to organize my days and even shop. Well today I upgraded all that goodness and bought the iphone4 and I LOVE it!!

I have not done much shopping lately...not being able to drive and still having gaping stomach wounds...have hindered me greatly. But, my one recent purchase is amazing...

May I introduce you to my new boots...

Ann Taylor Loft black leather riding boots. Great fit, which is usually an issue with me, since I am short and the top of boots can hit me in a funny place on my calf and gape. Love the hardware...makes them a bit more casual for everyday wear. I am planning so many outfits with these boots. They are going to be so versatile...I can wear them to work with skirts and dresses...on days off with leggings and jeans...oh the possibilities. I think I might just have to wear them tomorrow!

1 comment:

Fashion Butter said...

Those are FABULOUS. I am going to steal them!

Glad to see you back, girlie.