Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alive and Kicking...

Hello all-
Yes, I am still here. It was been a while since I have posted, but things have been crazy. I finally installed wireless in my parents house, so now I can use my computer.
My stomach incision infection has gotten no better, so Friday I am having surgery to clean it out and have some sort of sponge put Then in a few weeks when the infection is hopefully gone (fingers crossed), I will have another surgery to close the stomach back up.
I never thought I would crave normalcy, but boy do I. I miss the days of getting the kids ready in the morning for the long drive to Evanston...dropping Jack at school and going to the gym for a hard workout....even going to work. I sooo miss working out, never thought I would...I crave a great sweaty 30 minutes on the bike and 60 minutes of weight with my trainer...I miss you Sarah.
Not outfit pictures for a while. I am not sure where the cord for my camera is. Plus, I don't really think anyone would want to see pictures of me lately...I can only wear leggings since my stomach is swollen, and I am too weak to fully straighten my hair, so I look real pretty!
Fashion-wise I have started getting ready for fall. I cannot wait to wear boots, tight sweaters, blazers...I will be happy if the weather just got cold enough so I would stop sweating. I bought my first real fall purchase yesterday...brown brogues. I cannot wait to wear them with a pair of skinny jeans!! Fall weather cannot come soon enough.
I will keep you guys posted on the great stomach infection of 2010!!
oh....I love my new boobs!

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