Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello...I am complicated

Sorry I have been radio silent for a while, but things here in recovery land are complicated. First, I am spending most of my time at my mom's place and the wifi in her building is funky, so I have not been able to post. Second, I am having some post-surgery complications, that are messy and painful, noting like a gaping hole in one's abdomen to keep them from blogging. Third, by boys must have forgotten how to behave, because they have been monsters lately, thank god school starts next week. Finally, my grandmother is sick and all that goes along with that is just so upsetting.
On the plus side...there has to be one...I like the way my boobs are looking...still swollen, but smaller and perkier!!
Hope all of you are well and enjoying the start of fashion week. Hope to be up and posting more soon!!!


Melissa said...

So sorry things arent going as well as we'd hoped! I really hope it gets better soon. Miss you, can't wait for you to be back to your normal posting!

Kelly said...

aw! I hope things get better soon. I mean, I KNOW they will, but I hope they get better sooner rather than later for you!

P.S. Yay for the boobs!!