Monday, August 9, 2010

And So It Goes

Today has just been one crap storm after another...where to start.
-At 10:15 last night I got a call from my dad that the family dog, Ripkin, had died. She had been very sick, so it was expected, but not so soon. Jack never got to say goodbye and he said he was sad because the doctor could not fix her.
-Could not find a hair brush this morning, so I had to blow dry my hair with no brush...(it was a big deal, I have naturally curly hair and I straighten it with the blow dryer. So, it looks like a poof ball. I hate the humidity.
-Pulled the draw string out of my pants because the way it ads extra bulk...but then got half way to the car and realized my pants were falling down.
-While carrying one backpack full of toy cars, a diaper bag, my purse and my laptop, I proceeded to drop my mac book in the mud (thankfully no harm done)
-Just got a call from my mom that Alex's swollen eye is worse and now it is coated in "eye boogers"--probably pink eye!
And all of this was before noon.

Thank god for coffee...multiple cups

Needless to say, my outfit today is nothing special. The pants were still in the box on the floor in my closet and the shirt was the first one I saw in the closet. The pictures are pretty crappy....I left my tripod at home and there was no one in the office to take pictures for me. So, I propped the camera up on a stack of books...

Pants-Ann Taylor Loft
Shirt-Old Navy
jewelry-Martin & Osa


Melissa said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry. That sounds like an awful, awful morning.

But coffee...silver lining, yes?

I do like your outfit. The color of the top looks so pretty on you.

I hope your day gets much better!

style underdog said...

Days like that just suck. I'm sorry that was a crappy day. I can't believe you still posted. Good for you. And coffe, yes glorious coffee. It runs in the veins of champions!

Fashion Butter said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your pup!