Thursday, August 12, 2010

18 and Life

Worn to Work Thursday, August 12

Outfit #18 of Kendi's 30 for 30 Challenge

Shirt-Ann Taylor
Shoes-Some German Company

I am standing in the parking lot with my Big Red Baby...and my coffee

Still so muggy out. I am not sure why I even bother to straighten my hair because by thee time I get to work it is starting to frizz. Even though my car thermometer reads 94 degrees, I have been starting to think about fall clothing...I cannot wait to be able to wear layers, tights and boots. I am putting together a post of my Fall Lust List for this weekend. I yearn to not be sweating.


Elena, Caffeinerd said...

Those earrings are fantastic! I love Francesca's. Great outfit! And I hear tired of being hot/sweaty constantly.

Melissa said...

I love that skirt!

Why don't you just throw your hair in a ponytail? It's simple and chic, these days. :)

rlutz said...

I do throw my hair in a messy bun on my off days, but sometimes I feel like I have a fat face and a funny cowlick when my hair is up. I usually throw my hair up as soon as I get home.

Kelly said...

Gah! Your earrings are freaking adorable! I haven't been to Francesca's in forever.

(Also, FWIW, I think my face usually looks fat with my hair up BUT I've found that adding just a little volume at the top makes a world of different in how I feel in ponytails)