Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Leopard And Denim For Fall...

Now that the fall weather is finally here, I am so excited to style up two of my favorite fall purchases...

 Sweatshirt-Old Navy/Jacket-JCrew/Jewelry-H&M, Back Sheep, Nordstrom's

 Top-Loft/Jewelry-Loft, Akira, H&M

The fabulous leopard booties are Dolce Vita purchased at the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale this summer.  As soon as the indian summer we are experiencing here in Illinois died, down I had to break out these booties!! 
Another fall favorite of mine are these jeans.  A few weeks ago, I hit up Nordstrom's determined to find a pair of jeans that would meet all my qualifications...soft, stretchy, skinny(though I would settle for boot cut if they fit well), dark denim, waist hits above my incision and downplays my muscular thighs.  With the help of a very patient sales associate, I went to the dressing room armed with 8 pairs and a positive attitude.  These were jeans number 2...I fell in love with everything about them.  I did try on the rest of jeans, just for good measure, but i came back to these lovelies.  Everything is wonderful about them but the brand name...Not Your Daughters Jeans... the name makes me feel like an old lady, but whatever, not a deal breaker!  

Expect to see this bootie and jean combo regularly on the blog!



Mimi said...

Ok, both the top and the boots are amazing finds. I love your style. Its the perfect blend of conservative and trendy at the same time:) Your boys should be proud!

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Rebekah said...

I feel the same way about NYDJ. That's probably why they generally go by the acronym instead of the full name. It's like, my daughter's 2, so no kidding these aren't her jeans, which leads me to believe these should be MY mom's jeans.

Who knows. Your review has convinced me to give them a shot because they look great on you. Good jeans are hard to come by!

And I love your booties.

LyddieGal said...

You can't beat a leopard shoe! and your orange wrap bracelet is so pretty!
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