Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No Gluten In These Shorts...

Yep...I am still alive.  Between getting the boys ready and back to school, to soccer practice and games, the mounds of errands and appointments I ignored all summer due to school and studying for my state certification next week, I just have not had the time or energy to blog...but, I am back in action...outfits, job search and my new gluten free lifestyle.

Since summer temps have finally is about time, since fall is around the corner... I have been styling shorts lately...

Shorts-Old Navy/Top-H&M/Shoes-GAP/Jewelry-Black Sheep, H&M

If you follow me om Instagram, you would know I am obsessed with these new Gap kicks.  Comfy, slip-on, leopard print...what more can a mom who has too much on her plate can ask for!!   

Shorts, shirt-Banana Republic/Shoes-DSW/Jewelry-BR outlet, Black Sheep, H&M

No need for a necklace when you already have on on your shirt!

I probably never discussed it before, but I have had stomach issues for the last few years...I will spare you the details.  Me and my doctor decided a gluten free diet might alleviate my problems.  So, beginning the start of last week, I have been eating gluten free and it seriously amazing how much better I feel already!!  To start, I have lost about 3 inches from my abdomen.  Besides making my feel better in my clothes, the de-bloat has alleviated the pressure and soreness on my scar tissue lump.  Also, ability get food through my body...bathroom issues...have improved amazingly!  

I was worried that cooking and getting gluten free foods would be a issue, but Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and the world wide web has provided everything I need!  Last night, Alex and I made gluten free brownies and they were delicious.  So, darn delicious that I ate the whole pan!  My favorite dinner recipe baked spaghetti squash with vegetables and topped with cheese...very yummy!  I even found gluten free pizza crust today at whole Food's...I was so excited, I might have just done the happy dance right there in the store! 

On the job hunt front...still currently unemployed and taking my state accreditation test next Friday.  I had a job interview last week...thought it went pretty well... I guess I was dice! After I pass my test, I plan to hit the job search hard...fingers crossed I am fully employed at a hospital by the holidays.  

Back to I come...brace yourselves...

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