Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Designer of My Own Life....

Today I want to share with you a product whose 100% proceeds are donated to KIDSS for KIDS, a foundation that supports Child and Family Services at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

 The Yali's Carry On

The peacock that you see is a bird that replaces it's feathers annually, a symbol of renewal and new beginnings, whose feathers are said to be protective and lucky.  The peacock's tail is comprised of paisley patterns that represent the paisley-laden bandannas that cancer patients wear during their treatment.  Each distinct paisley pattern illustrates each individuals unique story and the aggregate beauty is indicative of the collective bond among survivors, family and community that energises the patients triumph over adversity.

The expansiveness of the peacock's tail represents how every survivors story is wide and intricate.  The tails, however, does not encircle the bag as a reminder that every survivors story is still ongoing.
This bag represents how the bags designer, Yali Derman, chooses to lead her life...with elegance, purpose and a meaningful voice for the cancer experience. Yali is a 20 year old cancer survivor, diagnosed at age 4. At 16, she was granted the opportunity to design a handbag with Kate Spade, and then at 18 designed her Yali's Carry On.

Please check out Yali's website to take a look at her bags, hear her story, learn about her foundation.  I was in no way paid to endorse this product.  My mother bought it for me at Saks, knowing I would appreciate the story and significance of the design on the bag.


Anne said...

That's a really cool story and a beautiful bag! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to check out Yali's website.

Rebecca said...

That bag is really pretty/

Tara said...

That's a gorgeous bag, and a beautiful story. I can't wait to check out the site!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

How sweet, that is an awesome story I will check it out.

Write it in Lipstick