Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Want A Burrito...Covered In Guacamole...Now!

Worn to Work Tuesday, April 19

Skirt-Fox's/Cardi-Jcrew/Brouges-Steve Madden

When I got dressed this morning, I did not plan to match the wall by my office...I swear...it just ended up that way.  Today I was styled my my 2 year old Alex.  I had on the skirt with the cardi zippered while I was decided what jewelry and shoes to wear.  Alex looks at me and says, "no zipper" and unzips the cardi.  Then, Alex hands me this necklace...it happened to be on the closest hook, but I say he chose it with his incredible eye for style. When I went to pick out my shoes, he brought be these brogues saying, "wear shoes like mine".  Alex has on his saddle shoes today.  I took them out so he could get all dressed up for the Seder tonight, but he wanted to wear them all day...with his camouflage pants...and red polo shirt...he insists on picking out his own clothes...and mine!

Jack and Alex wish you and yours a happy passover!


The Suburb Experiment said...

Beautiful pics! I love the print on the skirt.

As always, your sons are adorable. :)


Elena said...

Love all these colors together! Happy Passover to you and your adorable boys :)

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Wow, you look great and so polished.
Aaah your boys are adorable!!!
Happy Passover to you as well.


Taylor said...

Love all of this - the skirt is amazing, the necklace is great - your son has a great sense of style! I often ask my six year-old his opinion on what color I should wear the next day, ha! (I too have a Jack but my Jack is the wee one, Parker is the big brother.)

Shea said...

Well I think Alex did a great job :) I love that skirt--the colors and print are so pretty!

Tara said...

They are too adorable...I find it hard to believe they jump on the bed in their underwear :)

And, I completely agree...it looks fantastic unzipped!

Lydia Marie said...

Wow he has pretty good taste! The colors in this outfit really go together well.

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Anonymous said...

That water-color-esqe skirt is gorgeous. Adorable kids, too!

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Rebecca said...

They're really cute, and I like your brogues.

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Hahahaha! Your 2 year old has a good eye, I love all the color in this outfit. And your boys are just so cute!

Tysie said...

Your boys are super stylin' with their cute little blazers and tees!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Beautiful outfit! Love all the colors especially.