Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thrice As Nice...

Today was a pretty lazy day...after going to the gym, I didn't really get dress until it was too dark to take pictures outside.  I really only put on "real" clothes because I had to go to Target to get all the ingredients for my famous 7-layer dip for our friends Super Bowl party tomorrow.  Famous is a relative term since the only people that love it are family and a few friends...It is really the only thing I bring to parties.

#3 of 30

Jeans...still not sure if I am a fan...but on a relaxed Saturday, they will work.  Love this t-shirt...stripes and lace...what a great combo.


Anonymous said...

Yuuummm, diiiiip (doing my best Homer Simpson).

I love seeing a casual outfit on you!

Melissa said...

Oh honey, you look AWESOME in those jeans! That top is fantastic, too!