Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Jay Cutler Tuesday!

Worn to Work Tuesday, December 21

ok, now that we have gotten that out of the way...like my new boots? I had a pair just like these when I lived in London. I wore them everyday until I wore through the soles. I used to call them my punk rocker boots...ha! You cannot really tell, but this blazer is sweatshirt material and the lapels are satin.
I have recently discovered that the rumors are true...if you eat healthy, your body feels better. Things have been crazy with me lately and I have not had to to eat good meals...I have eaten a variety of cupcakes, cookies, pizza and too much coffee for meals the last week or so and I can feel it taking a toll on my body. After a sugar migraine last night, I decided time to get my eating into gear...I had homemade vegetable soup for dinner and guac and multi grain chips for a snack during the game. Today I have had a granola bar, wheat bialy, and salad with vegetables and light dressing. I can feel my body cleaner and less sloggy (made up word) already.


Judy said...

love this outfit- the shoes are so great!


Tara said...

So, your last two posts made me want to go out and buy all new boots! I have several pairs of knee-high, heeled boots, but now I want your boots from yesterday, and I especially want your pair from today...

Thanks for that :)

Natasha said...

Yes those boots are totally amazing! I love them!

Daphne said...

Great work outfit.
Thanks for visiting myb log the other day.

Lydia Marie said...

I love the new boots! I definitely need to start eating better too, my diet has consisted of mostly cookies and bacon this past weekend, and a salad would probably do me some good!

Molly said...

Both your boots and your skirt are fantabulous!!! Lookin' good, lady.

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

a pretty penny said...

Oh so true about "you are what you eat." I've been living on junk food and take-out for the last couple of months, and last night I stocked up on fresh fruit and veggies at the grocery store because I think my body is craving decent nutrition.