Thursday, August 5, 2010

Friend Friday

Every Friday Modly Chic poses questions for us Bloggers....This weeks topic is privacy in the Blogosphere.

1.Do you think privacy is something that we should worry about as bloggers?
I think that it is an issue that we need to be aware of. I know that when I decided to start a blog, that I would be putting my self out there for others see and consume.

2.Do you use your real name or pen name? What was behind that decision?
I do use rlutz....which is essentially my name....Randi Lutz. I guess I never thought that many people would actually read my blog that it would make a difference if I used my name....hopefully I will be found wrong.

3.How much personal information do you reveal about your life beyond the blog?
I do talk about and show pictures or my kids. My blog is about my life and they are such a big part of it. Since there is more information about me on my facebook page, I do not link my blog to my page. But, I guess it would not be real hard to find it...

4.What information will you never reveal?
I would never give my address or phone out or the name of my employer.

5.As bloggers, we have to an extent made ourselves 'public' figures. But still there are things that are intimate to each of us that does not need to be known by anyone that stumbles across our blog. How do you determine what is appropriate for public consumption and what is private to you?
I never thought of myself as a "public figure", but I guess that really is the correct term for what we are. I guess I will determine what is appropriate as time goes on as I formulate future posts....This has given me a lot more to think about.

Now, as a result of thinking about this post, I plan to do a "Random Stuff About Me" post this I can show you more of me!!


Haven said...

My favorite thing to learn about people are those random, unique things. I'm excited to see what you've got hiding up your sleeve. :P

Melissa said...

Well I'm glad to know that your first name is Randi! :) I have an awful, awful memory though and will likely forget if I don't see it more often.

Sometimes I'm surprised that I haven't forgotten my OWN name.

Looking forward to reading your random post!