Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eleven Mexican jumping Beans

Worn to Work Tuesday, July 28

Outfit #11 in the 30 for 30 Challenge

Tank Top-Old Navy
Denim Jacket-Halogen

I finally got a tripod for my camera, so after work today I took it to the park to have some fun. I still do not have a remote yet, so I set the timer and just jumped in the shot....I am still not sure how to focus 100% with the timer.
Lately, I have been tucking everything in and wearing belts to define my waist. I am still a little self conscious about my body with clothes tucked in, but I like the way it smooths my silhouette. I also really liked the way the outfit looked without the jean jacket...especially in this 90 degree heat.

For lunch today we had the free burritos from Chipotle that I won yesterday. The very friendly manager at my Rogers Park location also give me free chips, salsa and drinks, so we had a fiesta in the conference room...mmmmm...


Haven said...

You really look lovely. I like the belt and think that it's very flattering! :)

Fashion Butter said...

After Loehmann's, Chipolte is my first stop when I am back in Chicago this fall!

L said...

Chipotle is my favorite. YUMMM!
you look awesome!
i need a remote for my camera, as well.

thanks for your comment.