Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dirty Dozen

Worn to Work Thursday, July 29

Outfit #12 of 30

Skirt-Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes-Some German Brand
I should have known when both of my boys woke me up at 5AM screaming "mommy let me out" that it was going to be a long, exhausting, not enough coffee to keep me going day.
Almost half way through the 30 for 30 challenge. While trying to figure out what to wear this morning, I realized that there are a few of my items that I have not worn yet...mostly blazers and jackets. I chose them because my fall back, safe and comfy style is a tank top, blazer or cardigan and a skirt. But over the last few weeks I have been trying a few new things...belting, tucking in, more fitted tops, not just tanks. So, now I am at a loss on how to style some of my items, but I am up for the challenge!

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NoGuiltFashion said...

I'm sure you will continue to do great. Good luck with the rest of the challenge.