Monday, October 8, 2012

Poof Goes The Baby...

Today is Alex's 4th birthday!!

On Saturday, we had a family party at our house in celebration.  I admit, I am not that mom that makes my own party invitations, decorations and sweets...My friends Target and Costco take care of most of that for me.  Since Alex will be having a few parties for his 4th, and entertaining leaves me in a cold sweat, we did not go to crazy.  Balloons, cupcakes and cousins running around having fun is how we do it!

 We had to light the candles twice...Jack tried to blow them out before we started to sing!

 Alex decided the best way to eat his cupcakes was to lay his head on the table and start licking!

Yes, Jack has two legs, but insisted on hopping around a good portion of the day!
My hansom boys....I am officially the mom of a 4 year old and six year old.

Cute story...Every time Alex opened a present, Jack would get all excited, talking about how much he wanted that to play with.  So, when Alex opened the Monsuno stadium, he said "Jack, you can have it".  After everyone left Alex let Jack share his presents, especially his favorite...the Batman Cave.  Whenever we are at the store and I pick something out for him, he says "we also have to get one for my brother"...he just thinks Jack is the coolest!!

What I wore on Saturday for the party

Sweater-The Limited/Jeans, loafers-Target/Jewelry-H&M, Vince Camuto, Target

Purple skinnies...fabulous!!!  I have a feeling you will be seeing these a ton on the blog!  Shhhhh...I also wore the Sunday!  I am just so excited I found some skinnies that are not low rise...these mid rise are much friendlier to my curvy body!  Target does not make many colors in the mid rise skinnies, but I am determined to hunt down so more...the fit is perfect and they are slim enough to tuck into boots when the weather allows.

Happy birthday to my little man Alex!!


One Girl said...

Happy Birthday! Both of your guys are adorable

Style Journey said...

Happy Birthday to your baby! They grow up so fast :) I love your purple skinnies. Mine are becoming a favorite too! Heather

The Suburb Experiment said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy! It's great to find jeans you like - especially when they're affordable. You definitely have to track down more!

Heather said...

haha what a little cutie :) And how fab are those leopard flats!?


kateprs said...

Did you get those skinnies recently? They are fantastic! I like that Target assigns a fit number to their pants... do you remember which ones these are?


Shea Sayers said...

I love your birthday party outfit--the purple jeans with stripes and leopard is such a cute combo! Happy birthday to your little guy :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Aaawww, your kids are sooooo cute and seem to think of each other often. How sweet! Happy Birthday to him! You look fabulous in those purple skinnies btw ;)