Monday, February 27, 2012

I Am A Mess-terpiece...

Worn to Work Monday, February 27

Skirt-Loehmann's/Sweater-LOFT/Booties-Steve Madden/Jewelry-Black Sheep,Bauble Bar, Madewell

I bought this skirt about 5 years ago for the color panels and the silky fabric.  Not sure why, maybe because it is easy, I always pair this skirt with a black or brown top.  Maybe next time I style this skirt I will try a red top!  With the below the knee length of this skirt...I thought heels were a of course my favorite Steve Madden booties were perfection.

So, my mom bought me those black sparkly Tom's I have been lusting excited...Thanks Mom!

My boys love to see themselves on my blog...

 Alex had a birthday party yesterday where they painted picture but messy

I told Jack to smile for a picture...he insisted on posing with this Legos


Tiffany said...

Your boys are SO sweet!

I love the skirt! The colorblocked stripes are so pretty!

The Suburb Experiment said...

It's a gorgeous skirt. I think it will look good with red too.

Cute boys!

The Suburb Experiment

Closet Fashionista said...

I love your big ring! :D And aww Jack and Alex are so cute :)

Rebecca said...

I like that skirt, and that sounds like a great gift from your Mom.

Style Journey said...

The boys are ADORABLE!

This skirt is fabulous. It would look great with cobalt blue or green too :)

Dale JaneƩ said...

Aww, your boys are so cute and that's so cool you hung on to that skirt after 5 years. It's the perfect colorblocking neutral style, and looks great with that top. Nice pics


BiblioMOMia said...

I'm DYING at mess-terpiece. Totally me.

And I love that skirt--neutrals and blocked and a-line? I would wear it weekly! Maybe with cobalt blue?

Melissa said...

Black sparkly Toms - WHAT?! I need those!

You look gorgeous. I really love this skirt and the necklace is great with it. I think red would look awesome!