Friday, August 26, 2011

It's That Face Again...Where Does It Come From?

Thank you all for allowing me my craptastic Wednesday... It is finally Friday, and I am ready for the weekend! A weekend full of too many things to do, but a weekend none the less.

 Shirt-Limited/Skirt-Old Navy/Sandals-Nine West/Jewelry-BR, Target, House of Harlow, DIY

Let me sum up the week... Jack started's here, it's real and I am that neurotic mom.  Today, when he was standing in line, waiting to go in to school, he told one of the assistant teachers..."that's my mom over there, the pretty on with the brown hair, make up and lots of jewelry."  That just made my week all worth it!

Oh, and just because I needed a laugh...

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


LyddieGal said...

Aww,that is so sweet that your son told the ta you were the pretty one!
enjoy the weekend!!

Chic on the Cheap

Carly said...

I can't wait for my little man to say things like that..HE BETTER! lol.
Happy weekend...gearing up for the Hurricane here on the Jersey Shore.
ps love your sandals.

Lynn W said...

What a great description he had of you!

Shea said...

Aww, that is adorable that your little guy said that! Sounds like he's off to a good start :) You're the most stylish mom of the bunch no doubt!

Mimi said...

Such a cute thing to hear from your baby! Did he mention how awesome your top is? I love it:)

Aesthetic Lounge

Sabrina said...

I love your shirt! And hahaha, kids say the darnest things :)


Tara said...

Such a sweet rotten as kids can be sometimes (and I say that as lovingly as possible, of course), they always seem to know the best time to throw something like that in there, don't they?

And it seems like the perfect description to me :)