Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Come See My Incredible Highwire Act...

Worn to work Tuesday, July 5
I had to stop myself twice from typing Monday...

 In theory...I really liked this outfit. But, now in reality I feel just sort of meh about it...  Lately, I have been just sort of feeling meh about everything.

Worn Monday, July 4

This is what you get when a five year old asks if he can pose for your camera too!!

Not much excitement here this weekend...besides the new Alien (car)...still very excited about it!
For the 4th we went to the in-laws for a bbq and fireworks.  The boys loved playing outside all day with their cousins.  I think they liked the fireworks...Alex almost fell asleep and Jack held his hands over his ears the whole time...ha!

I will now step on my soapbox and ponder the elusive question of a working mother...
Tonight is Jack's first t-ball game and I am feeling like the degenerate mom since I won't be there.  Assuming there is a tiny bit of traffic...which there is always a ton of...I won't make it to the game in time.  Knowing that I would not make it there in time, I made an appointment with my trainer at the gym.  Going to the gym is important to be, it restores my inner balance, clears my head and of course makes me feel better about my body.  But, I feel like instead of focusing my open time on me, I should be supporting Jack!  AHHHH!!
Now...onto the body issue front...I have issues.  I can tell that since going back to work and consequently not getting to the gym as much I have gained a few pounds.  I know a few pounds sounds trivial, but since the surgeries, it sits above the incision on my hips and sticks out. I swear it sits there mocking me..."i am last nights pizza, go to the gym and sweat or stop eating." I

Ok, I am stepping of my soap box now...I will try not to trip...if you read through all of that whine, thanks for listening.


Melissa said...

Since my daughter is only 4, I haven't come to the point yet where she's involved in activities that I'll have to miss. I can certainly understand the conflict there. Just remember that it's more about what you do MOST of the time, not EVERY time. If you're there for MOST of the games, he won't remember the times you aren't. If you're gone for most of the games, he won't remember the ones when you ARE there.

And I know how you feel about gaining a few pounds. I worked HARD to lose my weight but once again, I've gained some so that I can't fit into my pants. Not a happy place. :(

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Anonymous said...

I feel ya on the discomfort of gaining a couple of pounds (I'm right there with you, everything is just a bit uncomfortably snug). I think you look awesome in these pics, but I know it's all about how you FEEL. :)

Shea said...

Wow, it must be going around because I've been feeling "meh" in general lately too. And thanks to my summer job which involves sitting on my butt all day and also driving through rush hour traffic most days, I've missed my workouts more often than I want to admit. So things are feeling a bit tight (which I'm pretty sure I recently spent a blog post whining about too!). Anyway, I think we're all entitled to a good whine and I also think you look great! For what it's worth :)

Sarah Grecco said...

Sorry you felt meh about the outfit. I think it was pretty cool.....that color of green looks great on everyone!

Happy to listen to your rants! That's what blogging is for right?

Get Up & Go

LyddieGal said...

I think tuesdays outfit is working, and I'm sure your son will forgive you as long as you don't make it a habit.

Chic on the Cheap

Rebecca said...

I like the green skirt, and I'm sure you'll more than make up for this game by seeing lots of others.

Anne said...

So I just went to Target (the new one in Uptown - have you been there? They have EVERYTHING at that one) and bought that purple skirt, came home, and saw it on your blog!

I love the green skirt and that whole outfit, but I definitely understand the "meh" feeling.

And moms need to take care of themselves as well as their kids, so try not to feel too guilty about missing the game tonight. There will be so many more games!

Tara said...

You're allowed some time to do something good for yourself, too, you know. I know how hard it is to balance everything, though. Just don't be too hard on yourself as you get it all figured out. And enjoy your gym time!!

I think both outfits are great, by the way...not meh at all :)