Monday, April 11, 2011

The Round Peg Does Not Fit in The Square Hole

Some days you just don't have was one of them.

Been feeling very "off", uncomfortable, frumpy and foggy all day...

Things I think have contributed to my funk today...

-This is not what I had planned on wearing today
-Boys did not sleep well last night and Alex ended up sleeping in my bed with his sweaty arms wrapped
 around my neck and his foot digging into my side.
-Ended up shutting off my alarm clock as not to wake Alex, so I got the day started about 45
 minutes late...
-I wear this dress alot...just with different cardigans...I am just not feeling very creative...when I am not
 a fan of my outfit, it ruins my whole day...
-The air conditioning is on in my office and I am FREEZING!

Now on to more positive endeavors...

The Adorable and wonderful Elena of Caffeinerd awarded me a Versatile Blogger Award...Thanks
I am honored, truly.  So, now I am supposed to share 7 things about myself...well ok...

1.  When I was 13, I went to overnight camp where I slept in a tree house and bathed in a spicket for 4
     weeks...the next year we slept in tents.
2.  I have never met a pizza I did not like.
3.  I love to knit.  My Nana taught me when I was about 9.  I made matching hats, scarfs and
     sweaters for all my dolls and stuffed animals.  When my boys were born, they each has many
     home made blankets waiting for them. I find knitting very relaxing and therapeutic.
4.  I am an only child.
5.  I have naturally very curly hair
6.  I didn't learn how to ride a two-wheel bike until I was 12
7.  I always wanted to be an FBI agent

Wow...I am really kinda weird...I am ok with that!


Julia said...

hmm...well it may not have been what you planned to wear, but i think it turned out great! the draped green cardigan plays nicely with the pattern on the belted dress. It seems like a good outfit for a medium-weathered spring day.
i'm an only child too!

Elena said...

Yay! I want to see your naturally curly hair sometime & I'm always curious about what it's like to be an only child.

And I agree with the comment above---the outfit turned out great! :)

Rebecca said...

Sorry you're feeling off. I like that sweater a lot!

Anne said...

I overslept today too! It took me forever to fall asleep last night with the heat (we don't have A/C), but I know I shouldn't complain too much about warm weather. In any event, I really like this outfit, and I think the green sweater looks great with the dress!

And I never would've guessed you have curly hair! Do you ever wear it curly?

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

I am loving the facts about you. You are very unique...and cool.
Sorry about not feeling it today. I know the feeling, especially when I am not happy with my outfit. Although your outfit looks great. I love the color of the cardigan.
Oh, I was laughing at the 'fake boobies' comment your son makes!
By the way I never get any sleep when one of the kids sleep in our bed.

From Suns To Moons said...

I hope this funky day was an aberration. Love the olive cardigan.

Anonymous said...

I had a crappy day yesterday, too. Freakin' dog woke me up like 10 minutes before my alarm was set to go off. And then there was no A/C in our building. It was hot and sticky and gross. I think I'd rather be cold.

Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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Carly said...

aw, that is the WORST when you have a funky day and just can't shake it lose. We ALL have them.
My son has been really sick during this transition to Spring and has been sleeping in our bed (huge no no, I know) and it is brutal...he takes up the entire bed and he is 18mo old, how is that possible? I wake up with pulled neck n back
Regardless I think the outfit is great! Love the pop of green and great printed dress! C

Tara said...

I'm sorry you're feeling off today...*I* think you look great, if it helps at all.

(What? Your life doesn't revolve around how I think at all times? Who knew?!?!?)

Yeah, I'm kind of a pizza girl, myself. And by kind of, I mean, OH FOR THE LOVE GIVE ME PIZZA RIGHT NOW!

Melissa said...

Weird is a good thing. Weird is unique. Normal is boring.

I'm sorry you felt off but I have to tell you, I really love that dress and I think you look fabulous! Especially with the belt and the tall boots and that green carigan.

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