Monday, January 17, 2011

I Shot an Arrow and Missed the Target

So snowy...makes me grumpy...
Today would be the perfect day to snuggle under a blanket, in fleece pajamas, reading a good book, with a steaming cup of coffee...NOPE

Skirt-Renee CC/Sweater-Urban Outfitters/Tank Top-Old Navy/Jewelry-Nordstroms

I almost blew away and got frost-bite taking these photos.  I also received some crazy stares from the two people walking their dogs through the park. 
So, I did not get the first job that I applied for...Booooo!  I am trying not to wallow since I have 6 months to find one while still working and being paid.  But, it is the first job I have needed to apply for in 8 years and I feel rejected...I did apply for two more last week so there is still hope for me yet.

Congrats to the Arrow and the NY Jets for defeating the too pretty Tom Brady and the New England Patriots! Jets vs Bears Super Bowl would be insane!

On a totally separate note, I am going the New York twice in the next two months and I need a new carry-on bag.  I am thinking that I might use it as my primary piece of luggage, so it has to be pretty big...all three times I have gone to New york the brilliant airlines have lost my luggage...any suggestions??  Please??


Kelly said...

I like your snowy photos and kudos for braving the frost-bite to get some pictures! I had big plans to do some shopping and other errands today, but when I went out for lunch, I pretty much turned right back around. It was way too cold to stay out any longer than necessary!!

Good luck finding some luggage. I still haven't found the perfect piece. I prefer a duffle style bag for my carry-on, but it can get heavy if I pack too much!!!

Tara said...

I had the same feeling about a job I applied for (but didn't get) about a month ago. It's not a good feeling, but just remember...if it didn't happen, it's because it wasn't right.

Something good is just around the corner :)

Rebecca said...

I like the jacket. Job hunting can be tough, but something good will come along soon.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I'm Boston-bred but Manhattan dwelling, so I'm just going to ignore that Tom Brad/Pats jab. Don't hate him because he's beautiful! I commend your bravery - it looks awful out!

DVF makes a rolling duffle that I think is a pretty good size, has them on sale right now

Lydia Marie said...

That's a bummer about the job, but something better will definitely come along :)

And I have a friend who swears by rolling up her clothes into little balls...they won't wrinkle and you can cram a lot more into a smaller bag.

Shopping and Spreadsheets


Hey lady, thanks so much for checking out my blog! So excited to meet you and yours :)

SO, the skirt? Amazing. And these photos are giving me the chills, it looks so cold! Brave style soul, you!

mode. said...

lovely skirt- looks great on you! cute blog.
<3 mode.